UCLA at Michigan Discussion

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Kris Wilkes feels like a nightmare matchup for Duncan. We could try Matthews but then what guard do we hide Duncan on? Please not Holiday

Matthews would be matched up with Wilkes naturally (Wilkes plays the 3 for UCLA). That means Duncan probably ends up guarding one of UCLA’s four men, who aren’t really all that dynamic but are big. Bruins don’t really have a lot of guard depth so they play some jumbo lineups.

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Oh nice, I totally missed the sentence where Goloman starts…im really surprised they don’t go Ali, Hands, Holiday, Wilkes, Welsh from the tip. Do you anticipate we will see that type of guard-heavy lineup at all or do they stay 2 big most of the time? I’m still skeptical but If JB is serious about a Teske/Wagner combo I’d say UCLA and Texas’ personnel might make sense for it

The problem is that those are the only 3 guards in the rotation. So yes it would make sense to go small, but the backup three is a 6-9 guy who can’t really shoot, etc. So I’m not sure how that will play out.

JB isn’t nearly as serious as everyone who is asking about a two big lineup. They did have a little practice this week for the first time in a while so maybe… but it isn’t like Beilein has been saying that he wants to play two bigs, people ask him and he says maybe we’d try that.

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To be fair, almost every matchup is a nightmare for Duncan on the defensive end.


Any word on potential visitors at tomorrow’s game?

The line is currently now -6 and I for one am shocked.

Shea Patterson, football transfer from Mississippi.

Hope this weather doesn’t affect attendance…this is a game we could use a boost from the fans.

Spoiler: Attendance will be bad. Like all of our games

Ha fair enough, I’m just as guilty as I’m choosing to watch on tv. Oh well, Go Blue!

Positives of this game:

The Class of 2018 have all signed their letters of intent.

edit: The 15 point comeback was fine too


Matthews should shoot his free throws taking two dribbles to his right, spinning 180 degrees and fading away. I swear he’s like 75% at that shot


Great effin win, even if it was smoke and mirrors, shows up as a W.
PS - the live thread is exhausting, I’ll stick to forum from now on haha



It’s a different scene, that’s for sure.

My thoughts from the game:

  • the point guard rotation is fine and has a purpose (if the players execute)

  • Matthews was presented an opportunity to lead us back and I thought he stepped up. Free throws are the obvious concern.

  • Duncan WILL start making some of these. Slumps eventually end, and he’ll still be a key player for us. He’s an easy target for the fan base, but we need him.

  • Moe is the leader and if his stamina can catch up with his desire, watch out. Need him to be the spark and run-stopper.

Go Blue!

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Phew. Their confidence seemed so shot when we were fading in the early part of the second half - losing to the freaking Buckeyes once was bad enough, but we were looking like we were going to get beat twice by that game. When Duncan did that ridiculous just for show help when Wagner was stuck in the post by Welch, and Wagner had 4 fouls - I wanted to reach through the tv and shake Duncan after that one. But they got it together. This team has plenty of flaws - they should be shooting free throws until they drop - the guys should be doing this on their own time - but lack of confidence was one of the biggest ones. Would be some kind of blessing if they could build off of this. This was a much needed shot in the arm!