U-M to host 'Michigan Madness' on October 21st

Generally I buy a one month BTN+ plus pass anyway to watch Michigan’s exhibition plus the first half of various other random teams

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FWIW, I don’t think this year’s exhibition will be on BTN+. Looks like it is streaming free on WSU’s site.


I do, too, but I understand, as Dylan said in response to your comment, that the exhibition won’t be streamed on B1G+, so here’s my thinking. If I drove over from GR I’d spend at least $10 in gas (the price of a one month subscription). I’d stop at Zingerman’s for dinner, as I always do, and that would be another $15-$20 as opposed to the OUTSTANDING chicken breasts, zucchini, and wild rice my amazing wife fixed for dinner which, well, didn’t cost me anything! I’d spend almost 4 1/2 hours on the road. So…a subscription for $9.95 is a STEAL!

The problem, of course, is that I won’t get to enjoy a Jer M.O.B. at Zingerman’s and I won’t be at Crisler LIVE, BUT, I’m going to the opener on November 10 against Buffalo so I DO get those experiences. I just have to wait a while longer. At 74, and with a “special” needs granddaughter, I HAVE learned patience! I’ll watch tonight on B1G+!


I’ve got Frankie Collins -300 to win the dunk contest. Will his winning dunk top Novak’s?



Can’t see anyone beating Frankie.


Probably get trashed but Um does such a bad job with these type of events

Not really sure what the expectation is at a school that never does this for a fan base that isn’t really known to turn out for things like this and it is on the tail end of a pandemic.


I don’t think Michigan is ever gonna go full Snoop Dogg at Kansas.


This is prior to the pandemic, and I think it’s coach driven. If you want to have big time events like this, you have to do it every year, scrimmage, market it, and treat it like a big time event. Um does none of that. Even ums spring games are terrible compared to other football programs in a similar tier. My overall point is um could turn midnight madness and spring games into big time events but chooses not too and it’s frustrating because it’s a great recruiting tool and way to get fans involved at a cheap rate.

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A dougie and a soulja boy tell em??? How old were they for those???

EDIT: I’m pretty sure they would have been in kindergarten or younger for soulja boy atleast

Well, this is the first time U-M has done something like this in almost 15 years. Personally, I think just doing an open scrimmage fits the situation better based on what U-M’s program is but for all we know it is something that Juwan Howard wants to lean into more.

The thing is that schools like Memphis, Indiana, Kentucky, etc. all live for this events and they are a part of the season.


This just made me feel extraordinarily old.


I’m not convinced that enough fans would come out to ever make it a successful recruiting thing when compared to other places. That’s what football games are for.

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I think it could eventually, but it’s gonna take a long period of consistent sustained success I think before the fanbase builds a muscle memory. Maybe would be there if Caris hadn’t gotten injured twice and killed the momentum.

It will take years along with a ton of effort into it with a successful program to make it a thing but I think um could if they wanted to.

I was so bummed seeing the crowd thin out in 2014-15. The team wasnt good but I couldnt help but think that a ‘Basketball School’s’ fans would still show up to watch Spike gut it out on 2 bum hips

Let’s start with an impressive turnout for a Tuesday night ACC/B10 or Gavitt game in November or December.


Another idea and no idea if possible would be move it to yost. I think that’s create excitement and an awesome atmosphere.

Brandon wade getting his first minutes in the starting lineup for this dance off