Tyus Battle Mixtape @ Reebok Breakout Classic

Interview with Indiana Scout site - can’t even recall a Michigan visit when questioned about all the visits he’s taken. UK/Louisville have the best facilities and IU was the biggest surprise/wow factor.

I think it’s pretty clear Battle isn’t coming here given all the interviews/context from Father Battle and Tyus himself. Seems like JB and co. are expending a lot of energy on Battle that could be better allocated elsewhere.

It’s not a Scout interview, FWIW. It’s with a site called The Basketball Diary.

Haven’t watched the whole thing so I won’t comment on it. But it seems a little crazy and way too early to say that he’s not coming here at this point – a long way to go.

You think it’s pretty clear he’s not coming here? Omg…

You think it's pretty clear he's not coming here? Omg...

Actually, yes, i do. OMG

I’ve bitten my tongue at more than a few snarky comments since I’ve been back - so now I’ll take this oppurtunity to vent in a respectful manner.

Guys - it’s ok for some people to have an opinion that X recruit probably isn’t coming to UM or that Y recruit isn’t a very good athlete/skilled player…that’s part of a good blog.

Just because it isn’t pro UM doesn’t mean it’s not noteworthy or a decent contribution. Dylan - I would really appreciate your input on this because I’ve been more than accommodating to everyone while not getting the same in return.

That being said, I’ll challenge anyone on this site, including administration (since it’s “crazy”) to gather interviews/quotes from Battle/Dad since his UM visit that were favorable to UM or would give the impression that UM is being seriously considered to a non UM site.

There’s a difference between saying “I don’t think Michigan will land Battle” and “I think it’s pretty clear Battle isn’t coming here” and they are wasting their time recruiting him. I certainly don’t think they are wasting their time.

I’ve pretty much only read UM-centric articles/updates about Battle and think it is noteworthy that he didn’t mention UM regarding recent visits. I mean it looked like he was really trying to remember them all and even said “that’s it so far” without mentioning Michigan. I was disappointed. With that said, I’d have to imagine that our coaches have seen or will see this interview and tactfully mention something like “hey, we take our scholarship offers seriously…are we that forgettable or was it just an oversight?” I should also add that it looks like he was playing on the same team as Thornton, so it’s not like they’re expending extra energy.

Much like there is a big difference in claiming I said “wasting their time” when in actuality I said the coaching staff could allocate their efforts better elsewhere.

Point is, im entitled to my opinion so long as it is not personally offensive to anyone. I was banned for essentially bickering over Trey Burke’s height(which, by the way, was technically correct), and yet others are allowed free range so make snarky/sarcastic comments to me because my view of the Battle/UM marriage isn’t favorable. I endured the same thing with the whole Burke isn’t a good starter in the league debate. I kept it on the up and up the entire convo and eventually bailed out because snarky comments were being directed toward me and I knew if I responded with the same it would become problematic. You do see an issue with this, no?

If we’re going to allow free range of comments, then that’s fine by me, but let’s make sure that we’re not selectively enforcing based on viewpoint.

On to the next blog. Sheesh.

There's a difference between saying "I don't think Michigan will land Battle" and "I think it's pretty clear Battle isn't coming here" and they are wasting their time recruiting him. I certainly don't think they are wasting their time.
Much like there is a big difference in claiming I said "wasting their time" when in actuality I said the coaching staff could allocate their efforts better elsewhere.
This is not really my battle (pun intended), but a couple things: (1) perhaps the tone you took when you typed "I think it's pretty clear Battle isn't coming here" allowed most of us to read the rest of your post in the same tone and (2) Dylan didn't put quotes around "wasting their time", but IMO (see how I added a little humility with three letters) it means essentially the same thing as "a lot of energy ... could be better allocated elsewhere."

Please guys - stop it with the “here is proper blog behavior” advice…I’ve been on enough blogs for many years to know.

Point is that plenty of other posters use language just as strong as my own, and much stronger in many cases, yet that is acceptable. However, when it comes to me, it seems that snarky/sarcastic comments are acceptable without penalty/enforcement. It leads one to believe that some simply don’t like my viewpoint, hence the nasty comments. That is totally fine, BUT, it should be OK for me to return the favor without consequence. Just because my view isn’t the same as some others, doesn’t dictate that I should receive a lower threshold of board protection/rights. I realize this a UM centric board, and opinions are EXTREMELY bias, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t accommodate a wide range of opinions and viewpoints.

You were banned because you turn everything into a big argument about yourself. Closing this thread…