Tyler Cook - Full Game Footage

Thought I’d provide some footage in light of Cook’s upcoming visit (a lot of footage of the highly touted Jayson Tatum as well). Full game footage of Cook in March (#21 in white). My initial impressions after watching a full game:

Athleticism - not great vertically, but not terrible either, probably somewhere in the average range. Strong player, but appears to have some bad weight and doesn’t run the floor well, needs to get in better shape. Has quick/fluid feet in the post, but doesn’t appear to have very good lateral agility on defense.

Offense - the first thing you notice about Cook is that he has great touch with either hand. He finishes equally well with both hands in the post. He has above average footwork, especially for a sophmore. A very good jabstep and dropstep combination going over either shoulder, that move looks college ready right now. Uses his body very well to create good angles for entry passes into the post. Has very nice form on his shot, and knocks down FTs at a very high clip. Has the mechanics to be a very good pick and pop player. Cook is also a very good passer from the post or perimeter for a kid his size. Offensively, Cook is very good player that has the ability to be a true post threat in addition to the pick and pop. I think he will be a very good offensive player in college at the 4 spot, his game is really custom made for that spot

Defense - this is where Cook has problems. He’s a very stationary defender that doesn’t move his feet well. Really soft hedges when defending PnR, and very soft closeouts on shooters. Doesn’t appear to be a very good rebounder either. Cook doesn’t alter shots really, and looks to take charges. Doesn’t get back well in transition…a lot of standing around to be honest. He will really have to address his defensive issues in college or he will not see the floor.

Overall - I think Cook has all the tools to be a really, really good offensive 4…just needs to get in better shape. Has good footwork, soft touch and good mechanics on his shot. Needs to work on defense very badly at this point. If this kid dedicates himself to getting in better shape and playing defense, he could easily be a top 50 player. Would be a very nice compliment to Teske, as Teske is a dominant defender (which Cook lacks) while Cook is very good offensively (which Teske lacks at this point). Cook could command the paint, and Teske could run pick and pop

For those of you not inclined to watch the full 1.5 hrs, some noteworthy moments that include Cook:

11:22 - nice footwork with dropstep and great touch to finish with the left

12:52 - good court vision with post pass for easy bucket

15:31 - good pass out of high post against the zone…I could really see Cook flourishing in this role in college because he has all the requisite skills to be effective…he can shoot midrange, pass or take 1 dribble and finish

16:05 - shields defender w body and finishes with left

18:00 - missed shot, but the nice touch is obvious and the footwork looks very fluid

19:22 - soft hedge on the offensive player but stays vertical and blocks shot

26:35 - seals defender well with body but shuffles feet

27:35 - realizes miscommunication on by defense and slides to block for easy dunk

29:10 - once again nice swingthrough right and then dropstep going left for the finish. Quick first step on this one

29:50 - knocks down 2 FTs with very good form

35:25 - once again, jabstep right and then dropstep, nice touch with right

1:00:10 - attempts to take charge then rotates for nice helpside block without fouling

1:10:15 - good post entry pass to Tatum

1:17:10 - good dropstep going right and good touch despite the miss

1:20:20 - knocks down 2 FTs with perfect form

Cook is in the same mold as Swanigan and Dickerson.

Agreed, minus the rebounding