Ty Rodgers ( class of 2022 )


Here’s the latest 7th grade Michigan phenom. Cousin of Jason Richardson.


Big 7th grader. Sheesh


If class of 2022, then he is an 8th grader. Still big!


He is supposed to be one of the top 8th graders in the country. Plays AAU with Emoni Bates and is probably the next big star out of Saginaw. He is really athletic for his age and grade. Of course time will tell if he can actually continue to develop his game going forward. Definitely one worth tracking though.


I saw an old article on him by the bucknuts, described him as a 5’11" wing/pf. Had to laugh at that.


He is wayyy taller than 5’11 :joy:. Maybe back when he was in 6th grade! He is around 6’4 roughly now. If anyone has twitter, checkout his page. He has posted a lot of clips from his middle school season on it. He is a good athlete and is definitely taller than 5’11.


Like I said, old article. I just thought it was amusing that people are scouting an 11 y/o 5’11" W/PF.


I talked to to Rodgers today while at Saginaw high’s high school game. He said he did a 360 dunk in game today then posted this


I’d give him 180 or 270, given his angle of approach.


Geez, look at how much bigger he is than the kids trailing him on the play.


How many 8th graders can dunk let alone do it in games and also a Easy 180 or 270? Haha


He’s Jason Richardsons nephew. Not cousin. His mother is Jason’s older sister. His older brother (Will) currently plays football for Washington State University


Just watched Rodgers today at Saginaw Valley State’s team camp with Grand Blanc. Each time I’ve watched him I get more and more confident that this is the next truly big time player to come through Saginaw.

He’s probably 6’5 now. Definitely doesn’t look or play like a 8th grader going into 9th. Long, athletic and fairly skilled but needs quite a bit of polish to his game. He should be the star of Grand Blanc this year and they have a couple other guys who likely will go D1 in hoops 2 grades above him next year. GB should be a top 10 team in Class A this year.

Rodgers said they will be at Michigan’s team camp this weekend I believe.

He just led The Family 14u to the JrNBA championship over Emoni Bates’ team this past weekend in Indianapolis. Rodgers and his team have beaten Emoni and Bates Fundamentals 3 out of 4 or 4 out 5 times between 14 and 15u. Rodgers don’t get enough credit for how good he is and how good he can be. The gap isn’t that big between him and Emoni. He’s a kid Michigan, MSU and all the top teams in the Midwest will be on soon if he continues the trajectory he’s on.


FYI if anyone wants to get a early look at Ty Rodgers, he and The Family 14u (Team Midwest) are on Fox Sports 1 sometime in the next couple of days. He’s been playing great through 3 games so far and has been impressing.