Trivia Tidbit and Lesson? Tyus Battle's HS Coach Is Jaren Sina's Father

It seems from this article that Battle’s HS Coach is Jaren Sina’s father:

Reminds me a little of how Nate Lubick’s dad was Nik’s coach. UM didn’t get Lubick but forged a relationship that paid off. Here, UM didn’t offer Sina coming out of HS or transferring, but I bet the staff showed a lot of class to coach Sina and that paid off just a bit with Battle’s perception of UM.

I think it’s also a good reason to cast a wide net. Can’t offer every kid, but you can get to know them and their family and coaches and a kid down the line may ask those coaches and parents what they think of Michigan and if you did things right, they should have good things to say.

I like his coach commenting on his first step. It looks very good to me but I haven’t seen much comment on it.
Battle truly is a great fit for this offense, even more so than Nik, Tim, or Caris