Trivia Question on Zak Irvin's shooting

What % do you think Zak Irvin shoots on:

  • Mid-range jumpers off the dribble
  • Three-pointers off the dribble
  • Three-pointers off the catch

Answers in Five Key Plays

I’ll take first stab at this.
I’ll go 51% for mid-range off the dribble, 24% for 3P off the dribble, and 43% on three pointers off the catch.

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Mid-range: 45%
3pt off the dribble: 20%
3pt off catch: 48%

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Guess this question was too easy, you guys were both pretty damn close.

47% mid-range OTD, 18% three-point OTD, 42% three-point off the catch

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Or you’re too good educating us – I think you posted something pretty recently about Irvin’s mid-range numbers and hot spots (left side) and cold spot (rolling to the right off the dribble) for 3s.

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Ha, or that. He’s been great from the left baseline and the right elbow. Hit a big one from the left elbow last night as well.

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For all the criticism of his play (some justifiable), those two he hit in the final minutes last night were HUGE. After the first one he hit on the right elbow, you could hear Coach Chambers screaming at his guys “That is his shot!”. And it was clear they drew up the defense knowing he’d go back to it - which led to that ugly pass to Mo that you referenced in the 5 key plays.

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The mid-range shot can be very valuable because it is difficult to take it away. When PSU doubled Zak a good pass would still have found Mo with a mismatch down low AND Zak probably should have passed it to MAAR as he and Derrick were open with only one defender on that side of the court.

Side note: this shows why it’s better to have Duncan than MAAR out in that set. With Derrick and Duncan over there we’d have two quality 3 point shooters who are both able passers. Zak might have been reluctant to pass it to MAAR in that setting.