Trey Burke - Being Sued for Instagram Joke Gone Wrong

Trey being sued by Warren man with physical deformities for poking fun at him on Instagram. Love Trey to death, and he did apologize to the young man, but this was really poor judgment on Trey’s behalf…not cool at all. This will probably go away quietly with an out of court settlement if experience tells me anything.

If I remember correctly, the man in question said specifically that Trey’s apology seemed the most sincere of all, and that he forgave him. I have no source for that, but I definitely remember seeing it. This seems to be about the money at this point…

ALWAYS about the money…point remains that Trey shouldn’t have placed himself in this position. He’s too intelligent for that

Waste of tax payer money to have such cases heard in the court. Not that we should not be more sensitive to other’s feeling but this is all about money.

The judicial system is there to protect certain classes of citizens, IE insular classifications such as racial/ethnic minorities, alien residents and other “quasi suspect” classifications such as those that are mentally challenged…at least within the framework of the constitution. On a practical basis, this is obviously about money, but the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress claim does have some merit from a legal standpoint.

I agree MattD, he shouldn’t have done it in the first place, but I saw the apology, and it seemed very sincere. The question I have is did he sue the other people like Shaq that did the same thing, or is he singling out Trey for some reason?

Brought action against Shaq as well