Trevon Bluiett goes for 41 points this afternoon at Peach Jam

Bluiett scored 41 points on 12-of-23 (5-10 3pt) shooting with eight rebounds and three assists in an 87-80 win over Team Penny.

Sounds like Jeff Meyer was in attendance.

Safe to say Bluiett can fill up the scoring column.

Nice. I remember when Stauskas’s coach called him the best offensive player he’s ever had. Nice to see similar reports about Bluiett. I think he’s an underrated passer too.

I had been cooling my enthusiasm about Bluiett ever since it was rumored Butler was leading. While it’s still too tough to call, I’m ready to ramp up my excitement about him possibly being in the class again. Hope he goes Blue.

I have always been thrilled with the prospect of possibly landing Bluiett. I like his game just as much as Booker. Be thrilled with either. Be ecstatic with both.

I have to be honest, I like Devin Booker’s game, but I just can’t grasp Booker being a higher rated prospect than Bluiett. When I look at the film, Bluiett has the batter handle, better footwork, and quite frankly, a better shot - from both midrange and 3 point land. Booker is the better athlete in my estimation, but Bluiett is the better player at this point. I would be thrilled to have either player, but my preference is Bluiett, that guy can flat out get buckets in a multitude of ways.

Matt I agree with you. I also think in the long run Bluiett will be the better player of the two. I’ve heard a lot of people say Booker is 1A Bluiett is 1B. From what I see its Bluiett 1 Booker 2.

They are both very good. Who I want = whoever wants to be a Michigan Wolverine!

I won’t be sad if we get Booker. He would be a great pick up.

The way I see it they have pretty much the same skill set. They just have different body types hence the different positions. So like Ben I want the one who wants to be a Wolverine the most