Transition play

This has been a hot topic around here…Beilein talked a bit about wanting UM to run more often today.

I was a proponent of this but Dylan our break is so bad. Walton has no clue. He showed me last game why we don’t do it.

You see a man ahead of you open in space and you pass him the ball…How can a D 1 player not do that?

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I’m sure one of the advanced stat sites has it, but it would be interesting to see each of our key guys FG% at the rim in both half court and in transition, and then comparable benchmarks for their position. Only guesses but observations from the 5 or so games I’ve watched would be that Derrick would be poor at both, ZI is better than prior years in half court at the rim (but probably average), Duncan is underused but more effective than both, and Mo is getting better with more usage. Maar, have no idea. Heavy usage in our losses, not sure how well he shoots, but seems like a good guy to run the break or at least get more reps at making the right pass.

Not sure I would break out the ‘run’ game against UCLA…However, they are playing with house money this weekend…Actually, there’s a basketball adage…‘teams that like to run, don’t like to be run against’…

If lose to UCLA on the road by less than 10 I’ll be ecstatic. Those kids can play

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I’m expecting us to get waxed by at least 15. UCLA is scary and Lonzo is a savant. Only way we get close is if he has an off night. I don’t think there’s anybody on the team that can guard him.

We can get close shorting about 55% from 3. True for any game we play

  • Decision making
  • Ball handling (passing, not just dribbling)
  • Court vision
  • Anticipation / Trust in teammates (to be on the same page)

This is probably a small point, but I wonder if Walton grabbing fewer defensive rebounds (mostly because DJ has grabbed more) leads to fewer rip-and-run transition type of opportunities.


This leads to another area of DJ’s development that needs to happen: a quick pivot and look downcourt for long pass possibilities, followed by a quick, accurate outlet to a ball handler if the deep pass isn’t open.

Even if they don’t get a transition basket, this team has to get out of its backcourt quicker to set up the offense earlier in the shot clock.

I think quick decision making and decisive action are lacking. To take advantage of numbers, whether after a board or a steal, you have to get multiple players to go quickly - to get the ball up, fill lanes and/or find spaces for open 3s, make quick passes and strong takes, etc. Too much hesitation, not enough confidence.