Transfer Target - Brandon Clarke


It depends on which school he wants to go to. A lot of the schools on the west coast don’t until mid to the end of September. I believe Ohio State is on the same schedule as that. Many schools have already started or start next week. Minnesota (in my neck of the woods) starts after Labor Day.


Classes begin at Michigan on September 5th. FWIW. I agree that having a 12 school list at this point is pretty insane, I suspect he’ll try to visit 1 or 2 places and then decide? Not sure. Might also just end up as a mid-year transfer.



Was LLP a mid-year transfer from Arizona? I vaguely remember him having to sit out the first semester or something like that.


Yes. Mid-year transfers enroll after the first semester, sit until the 2nd semester of the next season. They also lose a year of eligibility because they can’t take a RS.


I assume this means we are already out of it, but is this guy a reputable source?


Don’t see any reason why not. Looks like he might have posted the original list first as well.


Fun while it lasted. Or something like that.


BC: I might want to play at UM.
UM: You can’t shoot, keep it moving.
BC: OK then, I guess I’ll eliminate you.


You think I am saying Clarke should be a stretch 4, which is not what I am saying.

I am saying I would like him more if he had the skills to be a stretch 4, as that is the greater need.

Its not really that hard to figure out, but I am guessing you just wanted to be snarky.


If I may arbitrate between you two, the original statement was that you “like him more as a stretch 4”, the conventional interpretation being that you believed he fit that role better. Snarkyness notwithstanding, your statement did not convey your intent.


Who cares, thread over. He isn’t coming.