Transcript: Juwan Howard at Big Ten Media Day 2022

Juwan already in mid-season “say absolutely nothing of value at a presser” form.

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Podium pressers at B10 Media Day are generally pretty terrible (questions as well as answers).


Hey, I learned a lot about the podium - it’s tall.




Not a lot of sports figures I personally would like to interview or write about, but, as a person who has done that sort of thing, I would love to interview Juwan merely to see if I could make him speak in complete sentences even just once or twice. It would be a challenge akin to Doris Burke trying to get Gregg Popovich to say something interesting.


Lotta folks have watched more of him or interacted more but to me when you watch him a lot of the time he just really seems on guard. Just does not trust reporters and has decided he’s gonna be as milquetoast as possible.


Yeah. Forget about getting The Real Juwan. We won’t know that guy, and that just is what it is. But asking questions in a way that gets him out of cycling through his same 8 sentence-fragment cliches would be very gratifying.

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i honestly do think i get a good idea of why his players love him so much from his answers, though? there is a lot of warmth in his answers that isn’t always present in those from other coaches. i’m obviously biased, though, and have seen a lot more of his answers than of anyone else’s.


Gotta LOVE it! :wink:

That’s why he’s got Phil Martelli! :grin:

Nah, I don’t think it’s bias, I just think you’re right!

I wonder how many of us would present ourselves if we sat there with the cameras on us, reporters asking questions, and knowing if we said the “wrong” thing it would instantly become “BREAKING NEWS…” And before anyone says it, I know, I know, he gets paid the big bucks!

But, and this may create some discussion, some push back, I don’t think that’s why he gets paid the big bucks, you know to be really slick in front of that camera. I think he gets paid the big bucks to coach and to do it well, and to recruit, and to win. And this take is coming from one who has spoken in front of people a fair amount and takes great pride in it, a guy who is really not bad at it at all, pretty comfortable, even. And the guy I’m talking about has coached a fair amount, too, but never, EVER at the level of Juwan Howard or with nearly as much success. That’s what I care about most with Juwan. And I agree with @telekinetic, Juwan is really very human when talking about his sons, including those surrogate sons who aren’t his flesh and blood, but who are his kids, too. I appreciate that.


I’ve said it before but you never disappoint in writing these essays. I always enjoy the read Ernie.:wink::slightly_smiling_face:

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Did Llewellyn even end up making it? Have only seen Hunter and Jace

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Yeah, he was there.

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@buckets12 the dawg in him is being unleashed…


Can’t wait