Toughest coaches to prepare against in college hoops

Beilein probably would have won it if he was still at Michigan according to Norlander on Twitter. Painter or Beard would get my vote, Izzo wins it.

Depends on the year. When the ingredients are right for Izzo, he’s really tough to beat.

What’s going on in this quote?

  • “Painter. For us, we’ve been successful [against him], but we don’t change a lot offensively. This past year, we went with more ball-screen stuff and so were less predictable. But we’ve been very good at what we do. For them, they run some motion but have plays in there with being a little less predictable and he’s doing it with players that not a lot of people were recruiting [at the high level].”

That Izzo you think?

Certainly seems like it has to be from a Big Ten coach… there aren’t many Big Ten schools who have “been successful [against him]” other than Michigan and Michigan State.

The more ball screen stuff makes it sound like MSU this year, but Michigan also ran more ball screen stuff than ever too. Could be an assistant from either school.

I would throw Underwood a vote. Preparing for him on a short turnaround must be a tough task for coaches.