Torn about the Booker recruitment

Taking UK out of the equation for a minute, I think State is the favorite. There seems to be less of a log jam at his position over there, and if his buddy Drake Harris would have stuck to hoops he himself would have went there. They recruited him only slightly after we did. OTOH, with State striking out on PG recruiting, down to plan d & e, Booker might see that he won’t have an elite level PG to pass him the ball. This is going to be real interesting…

Here are my questions:
1.) From what I have read, it sounds like Kentucky only have one more scholarship to give for the next years basketball season. What would happen if one of the other players Kentucky has offered a scholarship to commits to them before Booker has a chance to make a decision?
2.) Would that force Booker to go elsewhere? Or would Kentucky just tell their other player not to recruit until Booker made his decision first?
3.) Also does anyone know if Booker is the number one target for Kentucky?

I doubt that State is the favorite after Ulis committed to UK. Izzo is scrambling for a PG. Just offered another one after whiffing on several. Booker may have less competition at MSU, but he needs a top notch PG to pass him the ball, and an offense that will get him shots. Michigan has both. He visits Ann Arbor with mom and dad on 10/5. This isn’t over, IMO.

Interesting UK development here… Wildcats are hosting Kelly Oubre for an official visit for Big Blue Madness on Oct 18.

Sounds like they are making a push for him at SG and could be the team to beat over Kansas. Have to wonder how that would effect Booker, Blackmon scenarios.

Well I hope Kentucky gets Oubre instead of Kansas so Booker can come to Michigan.

Re: Oubre and UK, I think that that would eliminate UK re: Booker. Also, Booker knows that Cal has offered several SGs higher rated than he is, Ulis is a UK commit, yet he hasn’t jumped on the UK offer. That tells me that UK is NOT anywhere near a lock.

Read that Ulis is talking everyday with Booker and read that Ulis is trying to talk Booker into committing to Kentucky. However, Booker still plans to visit Michigan and Missouri before he makes his (formal) decision. I imagine he has already made up his mind though.

I looked up Kentucky’s recruitment scholarship chart and it shows that they only have one scholarship spot left available for the 2014-2015 school year. However, I do not know how that will play out with the turnover they have with their program (being that Cal. might recruit and take verbal commits from x more players, knowing full well that he is going to loose x players to the NBA draft).

One of the many players Kentucky is recruiting is Trey Lyles (former IU decommit), is is a PF, and he is thought to be a heavy lean for Kentucky. I do hope this also works out in our favor - being that their is no spot of Booker and Kentucky.

Oubre, Booker & Blackmon musical chairs is a very interesting scenario since any school (UK, M, KS) will only get one but there are other wikdcard schools as we’ll.

Johnson to IU likely means they are officially out of the picture for Blackmon which is good for M. But would Kansas make a big push for him if they lose Oubre to UK?

What I can’t say is where MSU stands as they might have a less friendly offense for Booker’s skill set but potentially more PT.

UK will be taking a big class like they always do.