Top 50 coaches: No. 18 Steve Fisher

I am very glad to see Steve Fisher redeems himself at SDSU. My opinion on him was not high during the years after the Fab Five. He recruited loads of talents but cannot get pass the first round in the tournament. Below are other

No. 40: Bruce Weber, Kansas State

No. 39: Tubby Smith, Texas Tech

No. 36: Steve Alford, UCLA

No. 33: Fran McCaffery, Iowa

No. 32: Tim Miles, Nebraska

No. 22: Tommy Amaker, Harvard

No. 20: Thad Matta, Ohio State

No. 18: Steve Fisher, San Diego State

IMO, Amaker is way too high at no 22 and and Larry Brown too low at No. 21.

They’re ranking based on “right now”…which makes it difficult to say exactly.

Does “right now” mean the last 2 years? 4 years? How do you compare a Big 10 team to Ivy League?

No right or wrongs, just interesting debate with a lot of factors.

Beilein should be #1 haha Go Blue!