Top-40 wing Jalen Wilson commits to Michigan


Has DJ given any timetable for his decision?


“Right now just take visits. My mom is doing a good job of getting things planned out for me. Right now I plan to make a visit to all six of those colleges and stuff and my recruiting is still open so it’s not my final six but I just had to lower it down because it got a little stressful, so I’m still open to recruitment. Right now those are where my focus is and looking to visit all six and get to know them and get to go to Xavier for the first time and stuff like that. It’s definitely something that I’m going to do this summer and I’m going to try and shorten it down next June and July.”

I’m guessing late August based on that quote from last week.


In other words, if a blue blood took an interest…


I am guessing that although Beilein has multiple offers out there, he has a pecking order and would not accept a commitment from player B until he knows that he lost out on player A. :wink:



Carton visiting UM June 28th


where was that reported?


I’m one of the recent articles. Forget which one. I’ll look tomm.