Timing of Assistant Coach Hiring and 2019 Player Recruitment

By when do you think the assistant coach hiring (internal hires separate from external hires) will be completed and by when do you think all relevant coaches, esp Howard, will have conversations with 2019 recruits (Wilson, Wagner, Bajema, Cumberland)? I know it probably is a guess. I am just wondering if coaches can be on board by this weekend. Thoughts?

My best guess is that we’ll see assistant coaches by the weekend as well. Have a feeling that the press conference was scheduled for next week instead of ASAP to give Juwan time to focus on more pressing matters.

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As a point of NCAA Regulation, I don’t think Juwan Howard is allowed to officially contact recruits until he passes his recruiting certification exam.

As for assistant coaches, I would think he would have laid out a plan for his staff as part of his job interview. Since he got hired, I take that as a sign that UM is on board with his staff planning. In theory, tonight/tomorrow/Friday he would likely reach out to his staff candidates and start extending offers. Wouldn’t surprise me if holdovers from Beilein’s staff are finalized before the weekend? External candidates probably middle to late next week?

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Dumb brainstorm of a question…

Is there any chance today’s short delay (“crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s”) was Juwan making some recruiting reach-outs prior to being held to those rules?

I think he would have still been considered a booster (as a former student-athlete) and therefore prohibited from actively recruiting on the University’s behalf?

If I remember correctly Beilein self-reported a violation because of something Tai Streets did as a HS or AAU coach? And the only real UM connection was Streets as a former student-athlete? (I might be getting some of the details wrong)


Could be all kinds of logistics and pressing issues in play; to me it suggests that he might want to name some of his new team at the introductory presser.

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