Time to stop calling Irvin just a spot up shooter?

His development as an all around player has been gratifying this season. Good for him.

He’s really improved, also he’s nowhere near his ceiling. He looks like a 4 year player to me.
I would love to see Zak incorporate some jab steps and pump fakes into his game. Much more than what he’s shown so far.
Zak has a strong frame. He needs to use it. Next year, with all the shooters on this squad, Zak will be in position to get into the lane and overpower people. Going to be a fun team to watch.

Pretty amazing to see such a tangible “leap” in such a short period of time. Very excited for next year.

Apologies I don’t know how to embed tweets to look well-formatted, but this is an instructive chart:

His passing lately has been terrific. He’s using the pick and roll effectively and finding the big man rolling to the rim, he’s making the extra swing pass in the half court set, and he’s using the dribble to make great passes - that alley oop in the lane today to Dawkins is a play he never would have made two months ago. His mid range game is also improving a lot. I’m really liking the way next year is shaping up, especially if Dawkins keeps playing like this too.

While I don’t think Zak is ever going to overpower defenders, his game has evolved the past month to the point where you expect him to make a few nice passes a game. Sets up well for next year especially if Caris returns

He’s doing things that I would have next expected even two weeks ago. Huge positive going forward.

Yea i was really tough on him earlier in the year and he has stepped up his game on every level. rebounding,d,hustle, passing and driving. really like how hes altered his game to what we need.