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Sorry if this is inappropriate, and I’ll happily take it down if it is, but I’m looking for a student ticket to the Maryland game. I’m a recent alum hoping to take my girlfriend, and already found one ticket. I promise we will be passionate and probably a little obnoxious

The State of UM Basketball

Thanks, Dylan!


How’d it go?


Was able to find 2 student tickets on Facebook. It’s crazy, 4th row seats for 20$ each (first come, first seated). I graduated in 2015, and I have to say that the general passion and noise coming from the students is way down, over the last few seasons (I never missed home games from 2011-15). The chants rarely stick and there isnt much hyped yelling while on D. I was also able to walk into those great seats 25 minutes before tip-off. That NEVER would have happened just 3 years ago.


Yes, the maize rage is certainly in need of a leadership change or something. Basically no cheers besides the basic “ooooohhhhhhh” on defense and the “Gooooo blue go clap clap clap” type stuff while on offense, all very half heartedly. It was clear in the Penn State game the the players really do feed off the energy of the crowd so I hope that gets better in the future.


It’s pretty clear the student section is full of fickle fans, only hyped when we are scoring and winning; probably true everywhere, but it’s hard to imagine Breslin or Kohl center ever getting so quiet. Nobody sticks to the offensive ‘rhythm’ chants. There weren’t even any good hecklers. That being said, the students >>>> the rest of the lower bowl. I was in general seating, in the lower bowl, for the PSU game and got yelled at just for standing, during the last 2 minutes. And there’s just no preemptive cheering; the noise only follows made shots and forced TO’s. The atmosphere could be so much better, even for these mediocre games/results, with an extra 15-25% of the lower bowl going to students


Good Lord, yes. We take wine and cheese crowd to the next level. Start winning some big home games again and I think that changes…


Winning fixes most problems.


Is anyone wanting to come down to Champaign for the game tomorrow? I’ve got tickets I’m willing to give away.


What they probably need to try is to get 50 or so passionate students and then disperse them through different sections/rows in the Maize Rage. Disperse the passion a little more so that it guilts others into being more consistently loud.


Specific cheers for when we are down and really need a stop–the kinds of situations who more intense fans understand, but the casual fan might not–would also help. Like I said, there’s only ever cheering when we have the ball/score and during forced turnovers; nobody wants to cheer to encourage a good defensive play


I’ve got a pair of tickets for tomorrow night’s home Indiana game at 9pm. Section 204, Row 33 seats 5,6. Face is $25 each but I’m willing to negotiate particularly if I can ensure a Michigan fan ends up in the seats. The seats are actually decent, almost level with where the TV cameras shoot from so a similar view to what you get on TV but you aren’t subject to listening to the announcers. PM me if you are interested.


Tickets are gone, thanks to those that got in touch! Go Blue!


Good to know those duckets will be used. I thought about hitting you up, but weekday games are tough for me to make. Go Blue!