Thoughts on ending to 1989 championship game

Michigan basketball fans who are older than me:

I have a question I’m looking for feedback on that will help with a blog I’m writing: What was your reaction when Seton Hall was called for the touch foul on Robinson in the 1989 championship game? What did you feel like afterward, knowing that decided the game? (NOTE: Don’t let Robinson’s disgraceful recent history influence your take; this is purely a memory test.)

Need a refresher? Go to 9:45 mark of this:


— Jake

I felt at the time, and still do, that it was a good call. It.could have gone either way, but I don’t think you can call it a terrible call. Of course, I am a Michigan fan, someone one from Seaton Hall might see it differently.

Outstanding call.

i thought it was a bail-out call----if i remember correctly robinson was dumping the ball to mark hughes for a 12-15 footer with less than [5?] seconds to go. there had to be better options on the floor than hughes.

however, i did not feel like the officials had handed us the game, as robinson was a mediocre free throw shooter [like coach fisher, i totally remembered the wisconsin game].

the official that made the call, john clougherty [sp?] was considered a very good referee and i think seton hall coach carlesimo acknowledged that in his post game comments

You can’t know if it decided the game unless you know whether TMills would have hit that short jumper on the pass from Rumeal.

so was the ball dumped off to mills?

i could have sworn it went to hughes

It was Mills. Watched the replay.

i know this is a tiny thing----after seeing your answer i watched the clip, too

but it looks like mills [52] is trailing robinson into the lane-----but robinson passed the ball to the wing to hughes [55]

i am only responding to this because i have already made a dent in my quota of mistakes for the year 2018

Just watched it again. It was Hughes, who had taken one shot the entire game. While it was a wide-open look, it’s hard to think he would have made that.

you are right. it was 55 Hughes, not 52 Mills.