THJ getting good burn

THJ has seen the floor quite a bit this year for the Knicks, averaging 17.5mpg. He has a firm spot in the Knicks rotation and seems to be finding his stroke.

I hope there’s a spark that catches him on fire. His game could really start to heat up. Once he gets in rhythm his opponents are toast. If he can play solid defense the Knicks could scorch the east.

Would sound silly to most, but I think THJ is a better fit for the NBA game in relation to Trey. No doubt Trey is the more skilled player, but THJ has the ability to finish in transition and be a spot up shooter in the league. Trey has athletic/size limitations that may limit his ability to truly utilize his amazing skill set. Unlike most, I don’t feel Trey is a pure PG, more of a scoring guard in my mind. I really think his NBA future depends on his ability to extend the range on his jumpshot to the NBA 3 line, just don’t see him finishing over bigs in the league.

Both THJ and Trey have shortcomings on the defensive side of the ball in the league, as THJ has historically looked disinterested in defense, and Burke simply lacks the lateral movement/size to check most starting PGs in the league. Hopefully both have lengthy and successful NBA careers.

Trey has been more than adequate on D throughout preseason. He needs to add a floater.

I don’t much into preseason because of the lack of competition. This was confirmed when I observed Reggie Jackson (Westbrook’s backup) absolutely abuse Siva (who was generally regarded as one of the better defensive players in college) and anybody else the Pistons threw at him during a preseason game this year. The level of competition, size and athleticism in the NBA is just so much superior to college it isn’t funny. Reggie Jackson made the Pistons preseason roster look totally incompetent, and he is not even a starting level guard in the league.

Reggie Jackson makes NBA defenses look incompetent. He would start on a ton of NBA teams. He’s Westbrook lite.

While I think Jackson is a good bench player, wouldn’t say he could start for a ton of NBA teams, and certainly wouldn’t say he’s Westbrook lite.