This is a good team

Disagree that Michigan has a ton of talent.

Michigan does have more talent than the 3 teams they beat though.

What is the ceiling in your opinion? To me, we have a bubble team at best. I’m watching MSU vs Louisville and we are so far from these two teams it’s scary.

1-3 we have more talent than just about anyone in the country (top 5). 4 and 5 we are not talented (top 100) on a good day. I highly doubt we will not be in the tournament as is. if Doyle and Wagner can put some things together we will easily be a tournament team with a decent team. Our team has a lot of talented players but we lack balance big time!

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Oops, meant to say *we will have good seed.

I think we’re a top 15 team if none of our top guys get hurt. I think we cruise into the tourney with no concerns.

It’s still early but I can already see JB working his magic on this team.

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I tend to agree with you. In their two games against highly talented teams “likely tournament teams” they didn’t show up and were clearly outplayed. When they faced other power conference teams with less talent than Xavier/UConn they looked better. There is still a huge gap between the teams they faced and we will learn more when they face the better teams in the conference. Let’s not get it twisted Michigan isn’t close to teams like Kentucky/MSU/Duke/UNC/Maryland/Kansas at this point.

Hope you’re right but that seems pretty optimistic based on what we have seen so far. The talent is there, at least on the offensive end, but still a lot of questions this team has to answer. Next weeks game against smu should provide a good barometer for this team. The big ten is pretty wide open this year which means Michigan could work their way to the top or have to fight it out to stay out of the bottom.

Team just needs to continue to build chemistry. Individual talent is there to be real deal problem in big ten. If coach b can get them to gel and realize their potential I don’t see us being over matched in many games.

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I guess I’m just not a huge fan of those guys playing all the minutes at the 4.

I just haven’t seen anything from DJ that makes me think he’s ready to play the four. He hasn’t shown anything to say that he’ll be a significantly better rebounder and he’s not as offensive skilled as the others.

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Dylan what would you say about Chatman, Donnal and Wilson and their inability to crack the rotation. What don’t they possess that is holding them back? Granted Wilson might be the most raw and this is really his first year. The same can’t be said about Chatman and Donnal though.

A team can be good and not be a Kentucky/MSU/Duke/UNC/Maryland/Kansas.

I am not doubting that but then you have to consider teams that have passed the eye test better than Michigan thus far. Eg. Villanova, Butler, Oregon, Louisville, Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Purdue, Texas AM etc…

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Offense is starting to come together. Hope to see them develope a defensive identity.

Right now I don’t disagree.

Some teams peak early and fizzle late. Some teams start slow and finish strong. First year watching college basketball?

@hailtoyourvictor @AlbrechtShotFake You guys both need to cool it with the personal beef. No need for that.

A bubble team team at best? This team was two wins away from being a bubble team last year. I’m not sure you actually even believe that, but I’d be willing to put money on Michigan making the tournament. I’ll give you two to one odds. If they are a bubble team at best, those are great odds for you.

Yes. IMO We will be the last 4 in or first 4 out most of the big ten season.

We were definitely not two wins away from being a bubble team last year. We didn’t make the NIT, man.

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Yes you will bet me on that? If Michigan misses the NCAAT, you win the bet. If they make the NCAAT, I win the bet.