‘They’re just known to win games’: Michigan in ‘top tier’ for rising 2021 prospect Will Tschetter


Looks good to me, well rounded, versitle, finishing, shooting etc. Moves fantastic for a big kid.

1-minute mark, Tschetter does a reverse pivot on the drive baseline, headfake and momentum going towards the key, that was just a great move. Really impressive display of fundamentals, aggressive on O in the post matched up with bigs or guards. Can handle, runs the floor well. Must be 3-star due to exposure to competition and athleticism? Could see a Stauskas-level improvement with Camp Sanderson. Like his game.

I think the combination of exposure and playing at a small school makes the national types hesitant to rank him too high.


Got a little Evan Smotrycz in him. Decent multi-year prospect for sure, would like to see a quicker and higher release point on his J…

To me, that’s not as big a concern as if he was a guard. The reason is that pick and pop or stretch bigs are almost never creating their own 3s at the college level–they are shooting off action created by others, and there is almost always space to get off the shots even against good closeouts. There are lots of examples, but the best may be John Shurna of Northwestern, who shot the ball from his navel and was a 44% 3 point shooter as a junior and senior on nearly 400 attempts.


Dylan, I know it may seem this way but Willie Vang is not his AAU coach. He runs the MN Heat program but isn’t the coach. John Tauer, head coach of D3 power University of St. Thomas, was his coach last year. Tauer’s son plays on the team as well.

Kind of the same deal with Brian Sandifer getting all the interviews in the Chet Holmgren recruitment. Sandifer runs the program but Larry Suggs, Jalen’s dad, is the coach of the Grassroots Sizzle 17U team.

Sorry. Should have edited to director not coach in the story to be more precise.

Generally an AAU director will he quoted as a coach quite a bit just because of how that relationship ends up working out.

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