The Tyler Ulis to Kentucky Domino Effect

Well, Tyler Ulis officially committed to Kentucky tonight. I’m anxious to see the effect it has on Michigan’s remaining targets, specifically Booker and Blackmon. Booker has stated that he’d like to play with Ulis, but he’s not a top priority for Kentucky, and would they even have room? On the contrary, Blackmon is a top priority for the Wildcats, and they figure to be his leader right now. With the addition of Ulis now though, UK probably isn’t going to get both Blackmon and Booker. Does the one who doesn’t wind up there fall to us?

not good

I don’t know - I always feel like HS guys say they want to play at the same school as other guys but it doesn’t seem like it happens very often. Or at least majorly impacts their decisions.

Booker has also said it’s not a package deal. We’ve also heard talk at times about Booker and Chatman connecting.

Look, Booker might go to Kentucky and them having a good PG that Booker is buddies with doesn’t hurt. But he also knows that Walton is a top-notch PG who can get him the ball. He also has long-term relationships with the whole UM staff. Ulis to KY doesn’t change the situation all that much, as you can be sure KY is going to have some talent. If he’d picked MSU, that probably would’ve been worse and perhaps made them a more serious threat. And who knows what Mizzou has in store.

Anyway, people need to relax. We were in the finals last year. We have a top-notch coach and dynamic, proven coaching staff, awesome facilities, two 1st round picks and two more on tap for next year. We’re about to have another great year. We’re in the top two or three for a ton of good to great prospects in '14 and '15. It’s going to be okay – better than okay.