The State of UM Basketball


As much as he picked it up late on the year he disappointed me. I had too high expectations I guess in what he’d become

I guess the main things that have me nervous is how he just hangs out on the perimeter doing nothing at times, but the major thing is his vision. He just has guys wide open and it’s like he has no clue their standing right in front of him.

He’s still my favorite wolverine on the team forvthe most part I just envisioned him going next level I guess.


Assuming Wilson and Wagner return, next years team will be significantly more talented but vastly different from the M squad after the Ohio State game.

I’m positive Simpson and Brooks are going to be very good college players. Simpson has excellent quicks and is elite in vision and passing. Brooks, I think will progress at a faster rate than freshman Simpson out of necessity, and because his shot is better.

It will be interesting if either Poole or Livers can find a role next season. I think Livers’ has the clearer path: catch and shoot 3’s, run the baseline, rebound.

I’m believing Coach Beilein regarding Austin Davis. I think he will be an upgrade over Donnal.


I guess that’s fair. Maybe my expectations were too mild for him lol.


Here’s a hypothetical, if everyone comes back, where do we rank in the pre-season? Are we ranked?

Of course we have no idea who leaves elsewhere, but this is more of a general question on the talent of the team.


Anyone think next year we can see a starting lineup of Wagner-Wilson-Robinson-Matthews-MAAR with X/Brooks-Poole/Ibi/Livers-Davis/Teske off the bench?


I would hope and think there is an argument (although I also thought we had an argument for a 5 seed) that we could be in the teens, but honestly I have little faith that we will hit the right radar to be seen in that light w/such a high % of our production leaving.


Man. Not a lot of handling ability with that lineup.


I feel like a lot of the hype is based on NBA talent too though. If Moe and DJ come back, that’ll get the hype going. I think the general consensus will be 20-25 range with a positive outlook to be a top 10-15 team if X emerges and CM can jump in.


Fair point. I hope that holds true. Will depend on to what extent information is out there to keep Mo/DJ in the 20s (or better), but would hope that would stay the case. hard to know with March draft hype what will carry forward and what may fade, but I see your point.


What I love about next year is I think there will be a very healthy competition for playing time at the 1-3 spots and we will have a lot of talented hungry guys in the mix. Most likely MAAR will be penciled in for the 30-35 MPG he played this year but beyond that, X, Brooks, Poole, Duncan, Matthews, and even Livers to some extent will have a bunch of opportunities to assert themselves as primary options.

I’m also more excited for this class (I count Matthews as a member) than any since the McGary’s year. cant wait to see them in uniform


I hope not. That would mean Xavier isn’t up to par. We really need him to be a solid starter.


I think we’d be ranked - won the BTT, made a sweet 16, and return a front court with two NBA prospects and add Matthews + a good freshman class.

As for MAAR, I haven’t seen much from him that would suggest he’ll spend significant minutes at PG.


Agreed, he’s not bad with the ball by any means, but he’s no where near the distributor we will need next year. Best hope is that he can improve passing enough to give us that option, but more realistically we will need X to make a leap.


I have no votes, but I’m not ready to grant MAAR any guaranteed minutes. I think he would benefit from some competition and I think Poole, Brooks and Watson will bring it.


I think MAAR is the man to beat but I also think he’s going to be pushed in ways he hasn’t yet experienced at Michigan. It won’t surprise me if his minutes dip considerably.


I don’t think that type of a lineup is on the Staff’s radar. MAAR is not a PowerConference level PG. He “might” be able to steal a 2-3min spurt in a rotation with Poole & Matthews at the 2 & 3 spots (if both Poole & Matthews develop as projected), but only if Poole & Matthews would be able to trigger the offense.

Simpson will open camp as the starting PG — unless a grad transfer is brought in. Brooks will be given the opportunity to complete for minutes.

Assuming they stay in college, Wagner & Wilson will open the season in the starting lineup. Teske/Davis/Livers will likely compete for reserve minutes among the “bigs.”

Matthews likely opens camp as the other starting wing. MAAR likely opens camp as the starting 2-guard. Robinson will have an opportunity to complete for a starting spot — either bumping Matthews to the bench or bumping Matthews to the 2-guard with MAAR coming off the bench.

Barring a major improvement, there doesn’t appear to be a path for Watson to get playing time. He may be a good redshirt candidate with the athleticism to develop into a late-career contributor?


I believe x is the one we need to step up most. Walton showed how important pg is. If Simpson can make a Beilein sophomore leap with limited freshman minutes we’re a threat to end up much happier than this season (similar NCAA run, fewer head scratching losses). If he gives 8-12 ppg with a 3:1 or better assist to to ratio we’re there (doable I hope). I think Mathews will need to be a big ten poy candidate to have the same impact (waltons end of season efficiency level plus Irvin’s early season usage). It may be possible but it seems less likely.

I’m excited for both guys, that loss stunk, but I love the late run and I’m stoked for 17-18.


Let not get to crazy. He played well often. I think he will ge back to being consistent


Anyone think Ibi is a candidate to transfer. Barely played this year and likely wont play much next year behind MAAR Poole Matthews and Robinson. Definitely would not be surprised if he goes.


If everyone returns, likely open the season ranked somewhere in the 20s.

It would mean 3 starters and 5 primary contributors returning. A decently-regarded transfer who should contribute immediately. A 3-man recruiting class (pending Bamba’s decision) that should provide depth but not an immediate starter caliber freshman. Tough to see that equating to a highly ranked team, but off the finish, I can see pundits not wanting to doubt Beilein so hedging bets with a 22, 23, 24 type ranking?