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Simmons hasn’t worked out but are we seriously sugggesting Beilein shouldn’t haven’t pursued a grad transfer and instead give the open scholarship to Dakich? Can you imagine the uproar if Beilein would have done that.

It’s unfortunate that Simmons has played so poorly and I’m glad it worked out for Dakich. It took a lot of extenuating circumstances for Dakich to end up at OSU since originally he was supposed to go to Quinnipicac and that didn’t work out. Then, it took OSU to fire Matta and hire a coach who knew Dakich.


Well, to be fair, in terms of earning a scholarship, let’s look at Dakich’s stats for the 3-0 (B1G) Buckeyes. He has played in all 16 games and has averaged 16 minutes per game. He is averaging 3.2 PPG, 1.8 RPG, and 2.4 APG. His shooting percentage is 65%, and he’s shooting 67% on threes. His FT percentage is 85%. Chris Holtman brought Andrew in on scholarship. I don’t think he is disappointed with that decision. I agree that you don’t give scholarships to kids just so they can mentor other players. I absolutely believe Andrew would have helped this team in practice and in other ways, including mentoring the young point guards, had we kept him in the program this year. But as I said elsewhere, that is a moot point. It’s a done deal. Andrew left the program and went elsewhere. I just think, in hindsight, that Andrew’s presence on this team would have been meaningful and positive. That’s all I was saying. I’m done now, as I think we’re bordering on a meaningless discussion, and I say that respectfully. Go Blue, beat Purdue!


Now, THIS, I agree with. I wish Mark Donnal and Andrew Dakich everything good, except, in Dakich’s case, February 18. Even then, I wish him well. I just hope Michigan beats OSU by at least ten points! I, too, am pleased that Brooks and Teske are getting a lot of experience this year. I also KNOW that Andrew wanted to PLAY, so I’m glad it’s working out for him.


I have zero doubt in my mind that Ohio State would much rather have Simmons or Brooks instead of Dakich.


What the hell? Seeing what we have seen through 15+ games, who in the world could possibly think that? Simmons gets on the court and consistently stumbles over himself.

I don’t mean to be rude in any way here, but Simmons’ nerves don’t even allow him to stay on balance. It’s no shot at him but most players aren’t able to handle big time college basketball and from what I know, that’s 100% of the problem. He’s got a problem with not being able to calm himself down once he steps on the court. Practice hasn’t been an issue for him, but once he steps on a court with live action, completely different story. To say we would rather have him over dakich after what we have seen up to this point, is pretty crazy. If we go back to the off-season, I’d definitely take the potential of Simmons over dakich for this year.


Am I in some kind of bizzaro world here? Is this site full of people who have completely blocked out Dakich’s 4 years at Michigan from their memories? Has nobody watched Ohio State this year? He’s serviceable to grab some minutes for a team depleted by a coaching change. It is what it is. To act like he would have had some kind of impact here other than being a good teammate is laughable.

Simmons may not fit into what Beilein likes to do but to think Ohio State wouldn’t have taken him over Dakich is just insane. Put Dakich on the Ohio Bobcats last year and he’s probably averaging 6ppg, not 16 like Simmons.


We might agree on this, I can’t tell what you’re saying.
-Before the season, anyone would’ve taken Simmons over Dakich.
-From what we have seen so far, dakich is the far superior player and would’ve definitely been an upgrade from what Simmons has done.


I’ve watched all of Michigan and at least half of Ohio State’s games this year. There is NOTHING that would make me think Dakich is a superior player to Simmons. Nothing. Same goes for Eli Brooks. Dakich gets minutes because they literally have nobody else.


Certainly OSU would prefer Brooks, a freshman with great potential, who has actually started several games for us. I am glad WE have him. But that wasn’t the discussion. I am also absolutely certain that Dakich has played over 250 minutes, on the floor, in games, for OSU, and that he is shooting 65%, 67%, 85% with 2.4 assists per game. Would he have helped US to that extent? I don’t know. Certainly he hadn’t in the time he was here. But even if he didn’t, there are ways he could have helped us, and I think those are ways that would be both meaningful and positive. But, guess what?
We’ll NEVER know! Now, the other player you mentioned…no comment, other than he will get a graduate degree from the University of Michigan. Good for him. I think that’s great. I wish him everything good.


We’re always making the same mistake, especially with Beilein’s players: assuming that they’re only as good as the last game we saw them in, are finished products. Simmons may or may not overcome the nerves (and I think you’re absolutely right, nerves are the problem). But if he does. . . guy can play.


Dakich’s field goal percentage? Are you serious? He doesn’t take any meaningful shots against any real competition. He has under 30 shots taken and more than half his makes are against garbage teams in blowouts.


Yeah, I think it boils down to the fact that Alabama A&M players could shoot 67% if they only took the shots that Dakich does. He’s taken 26 shots all year lmao. His turnover rate in 5 games vs kenpom tier A teams is a laughable 46.2% vs an assist rate of 11.7%. We all know how his defense is.


Yes, I am absolutely serious. Again, I’m going to avoid making disparaging comments toward any of our current players, but perhaps you should, quietly, do some comparisons with the player you referenced as being one you have “zero doubt” Chris Holtman would prefer over Andrew Dakich.

Sorry Dylan, I know I might be perceived by some as being overly contentious here. So, I really am done. If others need to have the last word, so be it. I’ve made my point. On to Purdue. I hope Z plays excellent basketball, and that Eli backs him up flawlessly. If Jaaron comes into the game, I hope he plays very well, too.


Agreed, hind sight is always 20-20…at this point we can only hope Simmons gets better and can add value. Not much more you can say.

Go Blue!


Aaaaand Dakich for three at the buzzer against MSU lol


I LOVE it!:grinning: I know, I’m a jerk, and I DO apologize for that!


It’s not all about the PG, but about those around him. Michigan’s press break w/Burke in charge was so lethal in large part because Hardaway was a plus 2nd option & Stauskas/LeVert a great 3rd option. Same with Walton’s Freshman year where Stauskas & LeVert joined Walton in handling the ball to make it nearly impossible to successfully press UM. Even last year with Walton, Irvin, MAAR, even Wilson … very difficult team to press/trap.

This year a PG w/MAAR and Wagner as the emergency relief valve…a good enough press break team. Remove the natural PG and slide MAAR to that role, neither Poole nor Matthews has shown he can successfully handle that secondary ball handling role under duress. THAT’s the issue…not as much MAAR himself as the support structure that would be around him.


i wasn’t making a point of Dakich is better than Simmons or Brooks. I am saying on this years team (with 1 open scholarship) Dakich could have brought something to the table as a player in the system for 5 years. With the lack of production of Brooks and Simmons he would have had an opprotunity and I would have to believe he would produce at a higher level at Michigan this year than he has in the past as an experienced senior who plays with confidence. He goes into games for OSU plays smart and that alone would upgrade his production this year to Brooks and Simmons who go into games and do nothing.


Everyone talks like Beilein ran Dakich off. He was a walkon, who earned a scholarship and then spent 3 years trying to redshirt so that he could graduate and go find playing time somewhere else.


No one said Beilein ran him off. People(me) have said based off of what we have seen so far, he is a better big ten player then Simmons.