The penn st game thread

Wow, that win was very unsettling. The decisions these guys make are ridiculous. Zak amazes me every time and not in a good way.

Donnals d and intensity was horrible too. He should be a useful piece with his shot and offensive skills and he was horrible.

Maybe stealing this game wakes then up? I don’t know. Again when we need a basket why is putting moe on the block one on one not one of the go to plays. The one time we did it he made a great move and scored. Instead we hand it off until it gets to zak and he usually throws up a tough step back deep two. I don’t understand coach b’s thinking in those situations.

Big win!


Great comeback win, but I feel it shouldn’t have been a comeback(maybe I’m delusional)… die hard u of m basketball/football fan but am I wrong for saying I’ll be happy when Zac Irving graduates?

Decision making had a positive impact on this game. Only 5 turnovers for M compared to 14 for PSU.

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At this point, they are exactly who we thought they were - a borderline NCAA team. I see very little change from last year’s team. As long as this team struggles to play defense, they are going to struggle to win games.


Anyone else notice Zak Irvin has been splitting his legs during jump shots this year (kind of like the jumpman logo if that makes sense)? I don’t remember it being as extreme in past seasons but it’s been annoying me all year.

Not sure how we came back and won this game but could it be a season saving win? Even though there is still a lot of basketball left to play, staring the BigTen season 0-2 against Iowa & PSU would have been brutal.

Maryland on Saturday…hopefully we play like we did during the last 12 minutes tonight.


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Im not talking about turnovers only when talking decision making.

After watching us early in the year I thought we’d be a year ahead of schedule ( in my head) of being a sleeper/ top twenty team.

It seems you guys are right though. Sad cause I thought the potential was there.

Also no you are not wrong. I’ve been thinking this since last year and a few others have said it before you.

I agree with everyones criticism and felt it was warranted throughout the game. However, I seriously have no problem winning this way tonight.

To put a positive spin on this, hoping it gives them momentum from here. Given the team’s recent energy, probably better to win with that comeback then a comfortable 10-15 pointer. Might be a blessing in disguise.


Im thrilled they won but man the way they played again really is killing my confidence. I know smu and Marquette are weak teams but where is that Michigan. They were playing do much better then than now,

This teams consistency is no where to be found. They look absolutely terrible and lost for long stretches. I’m really worried about this team going forward.

For whatever reason, they have a fragile psyche at times. That to me is the biggest eye brow raiser this year given their experience.

I’m not too worried though. They’ve proven what they’re capable of when they play with confidence. Just hope they snap out of it and raise to that level more consistently.

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