The Official Roster

John Beilien has changed everyones year on the roster and taken away the redshirt for everyone. I posted what the roster is and what it would be if it was not changed. Thoughts?


Better this way. The RS designation does nothing – didn’t stop Horford from leaving, and it’s absence won’t stop Duncan from getting a fifth year – and taking away the RS after two years is useless public airing of what can just remain private conversation between coach and player. You get four years and after that the player can leave or the coach can give a firm handshake, or if it makes sense for both and there was an RS year, great.


Do we know how recently this happened?

From the outside, it seems it can be interpreted a few different ways, such as:

(1) a means to take some of the spotlight/pressure off Donnal (since he had already been reclassified and was publicly seen as having to “earn” back his fifth year), or
(2) as a critical assessment of the progress of certain other RS players (suggesting that the team may not be where JB wants it to be talent-wise).

This was Beilein on Media Day, when asked about Donnal’s 5th year:

It’s the same thing. He’s a senior right now, and he’s playing in his fourth year, but he does have that extra year. We’re going to stop putting the redshirts next to the name, you know, you guys can figure that out. He’s in his senior year, and he’s been practicing okay. He’s got to get himself in great shape right now, but we’ve all seen what he can do. We need about 35 games like that at least from him this year.

I like it. Donnal can be a SR again next year or maybe we get to spell it differently: “Bamba FR”


Slightly bad for media/fans (although fine for us who are super engaged), but good for the coaching staff being able to obscure guys they wanna send packing as 5th years players, lol.