The new site design is looking good

Now that I take a good second look it doesn't look as cramped as when you originally launched the site, I think possibly because you don't have as many featured pictures and articles?

For me where I see it being confusing is when you have the comments count as the footer of one article and the header of another, I think this only happens on the top feature article though. The other thing that I find confusing is when you have a feature picture with the article title/link within the picture. When that happens you don’t have any spacing between it and the article below it or above it, I wasn’t sure if they were the same article with a different link or not. I took screen shots that I can send if you don’t understand what I am saying.

I am definitely being nit-picky and would say overall the site looks really, really good. If it doesn’t bother you or anyone else I would leave it alone.

Thanks… please do send the screenshots (dylan at umhoops dot com)… Would love to take a look at what you mean.

What I think he is referring to and what I am referring to is the article on the first page titled:

“Centers ‘still thinking out there’ as Michigan struggles inside”

When sifting through articles (by scrolling down), it’s nice to have them all formatted the same. I feel much less inclined to click on the title-within-a-picture. I know a lot of blogs do this, but it doesn’t feel as clean to me.

I love the more compact articles, though. You guys provide a lot of content so it’s nice to be able to scroll through it all without having a new page every 4th or so article like before.