The nba draft 2016

Holy crap is there a lot of prospects. I know it’s a longer deadline now but it is a huge list. Some of these guys have no chance to that’s what kills me. I hope they don’t get bad advice and stay.

They being said I think this draft is underrated. It maybe lacks high end studs but I think there is a lot of depth and solid players/ potential out here. I find the pre draft rankings off sometimes though. For instance when I just looked up 2016 unsigned Justin Jackson ( crystal ball for Maryland now, thanks guy) I saw that they had unc soph Justin Jackson ranked as the 63 overall prospect.

Is it just me or is that way off? I personally would consider Jackson in the first round let alone not drafted. Tall long sf with a nice shot and solid athlete.needs a ton of strength but I guess I don’t see why people love one of the seniors in this class or other freshman but don’t like Jackson. If Jackson stayed all four he’d be a beast too. All I know is he’d be a steal in the second round. He’ll end of the first really.

All I’m worried about is the Pistons and I pray that Tyler Ulis is our first round pick…Justin Jackson is not a first round pick IMO. Just my opinion.

Hopefully Skal falls to 18

Really you dont like him?Apparently scouting sites are with you. I don’t see that. I mean they were talking lotto for him last year and it’s not like he laid an egg this year. What don’t you like about him?You could very well get uliss. I’ve seen late first round of second round projections for him.

Dylan you want skal?His play scared me. I hope Phoenix passes at 13 or whatever their second lotto pick turns out to be. It really bothered me how he laid an egg. He did start to hit his mid range game late but I’m not sure what to think now. I’m a Suns fan by the way. I hope with their top pick assuming it’s not 1/2 that they go with jaylen. I still see him as the third best player in the draft/ good fit for what Suns need.

Is LeVert participating in the combine?

He is for measurements, interviews, etc.

Not doing drills though right?

Correct, still not fully healthy.

So a lot of these guys at the combine have until some future date (in May I presume) to take their name out and return to school if they have no agent.

Could that be holding up some of the grad transfer discussions b/c at certain schools playing time will very much fluctuate based on those decisions? If so, is there a window between when the draft decisions have to be confirmed and transfers still take place?

Generally just curious if someone has this timeline clear (b/c I sure don’t)

May 25th is the deadline to withdraw from the draft if you haven’t hired an agent.

Good read on Caris

And do transfer commitments have any deadline or can go all summer?

I personally hope Nigel Hayes has an amazing combine.

Nope. There’s no ‘deadline’ for someone to transfer. Graduate transfers obviously have to graduate to officially graduate transfer.