The Moving Screen: Two big wins, one big episode


Old episode?


Whoops, sorry. Should be fixed.

Brendan saved the podcast right at the end when he cautioned that it is only January 6 and nobody could foresee Michigan as a title contender at this point last year. UM and MSU are clearly the class of the league and have the early jump, but there are too many quality teams to count everyone else out of the race. Teams do get better and there is still a long ways to go.

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Didn’t know we needing saving! :rofl:

There’s some truth to the Michigan argument but I think we probably overrate how much of a conference sample size we need to get a good sense of the league. 4 games probably isn’t enough … but the efficiency margin stats didn’t change that much from 4 to 18 games last year.

Im a little worried about next couple of years, because Beilein has a fascination with Eli Brooks… do we really want to hitch our cart to him in 2020-2022 seasons.

How are you defining fascination? Beilein plays the only backup guard he really has for 40% of minutes across two positions, doesn’t seem like a hitched cart.


After the Illinois game, we’ll be more than halfway through the season, not including any post-season.

Nice work on the episode. Might not be feasible, but two shorter episodes during big ten season would seem good to me.

We are playing around with this format. We’ll have to see how it works with travel, etc. (Brendan’s travel for both teams is especially complicated).

I don’t understand this post. Brooks is the only experienced backup guard on the roster presently and I don’t think he’s done anything wrong in the time that he’s getting. Next season Michigan will have Zavier, Eli, and DDJ as guards who can bring up the ball, then Zeb Jackson for 2020 to go along with Eli and DDJ.