The Moving Screen: Talking Michigan’s undefeated start, John Beilein’s past, and what’s ahead for Michigan State


Purdue 11th in the conference! Sheesh! I don’t know how they are still 15th in KenPom, but 11th in the Big Ten!

I don’t understand their KenPom ranking. Some combination of preseason, close games and brutal SOS.

Well, PU lost by 4 @Tex (KP 37), @Michigan (KP 2), by 1 @ FSU (14), and by 6 on a neutral court to VTech (12). Those are all “good losses,” and are a couple breaks away from being in really good shape right now. They are 306 in KP luck.

Yeah, I said I don’t understand it … I do get that they played close games and lost to good teams … I’m just not convinced they are good.

They haven’t done much to convince me either way, but I will be pretty surprised if they finish 11th or even 10th in the conference. If they do, it’s a deep Big Ten indeed.

That’s kind of where I am at too. I don’t think they are very good either, but I can’t see them finishing 11th in the conference. I would probably put them at 7 or 8 now, behind Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Nebraska, and Indiana. They are right there with Maryland and Iowa, for me.

To be fair, I don’t think we are really saying they are going to finish 11th. More of a what have you done lately when power ranking teams.

Right. I guess, even now, I just don’t see them as the 11th best team in the conference. I should have said that, instead.

You’d have to imagine Carsen Edwards will win them enough games to at least stay within the top ten.

You would think… Then again, he scored 40 last weekend and they still lost. The rest of that Purdue team is not very good.

All the talk of Purdue kind of makes me sad we won’t play them again unless we meet in the BTT.

Really is kind of amazing what a difference a couple shots can make. Besides PU, IU wins three games by 5 points, Northwestern loses two enormous 2-pt games. Especially for those teams who aren’t really trying to win the conference, it can be such a boon or albatross. At least the conference does provide a ton of chances for quality wins this year.

Yeah that’s true. They’ll need some more production from their role players than they got against Texas.