The Moving Screen: Reexamining Michigan and Michigan State and unveiling our bold predictions for the 2019 Big Ten season

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Great podcast.
Agree M hasn’t peaked. I think it may take a couple losses for Coach Beilein to really get their full attention and get them back on the upswing.

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While it’s obviously true that Michigan hasn’t played as well in December as it did in the Villanova-Purdue stretch, I’m not sure what to make of it. Remember that virtually nothing Michigan did in its first two games (vs. Norfolk State and Holy Cross) suggested that the team would play so well in its next six. Was it because the team doesn’t play hard when the bright lights aren’t on, or is it that the coaching staff prefers to not tip its hand by showing off new wrinkles against inferior competition? I don’t know.

I will say that, although I wish I could have seen Johns and DeJulius break out in the buy games, I’m very certain that they face tougher competition in practice than they would have against Western BingAirHamForce. They’ll prove they’re ready to play in the Big Ten (or not) by playing against actual Big Ten players - in practice.

Other comments - the B1G race came down to the final weekend last year, but there was minimal drama. MSU had a one game lead over Purdue and OSU; the Bucknuts pulled out that 2OT Friday night win in Bloomington and the Boilermakers waxed Minnesota, but the Spartoons win in Madison sewed up the title.

I agree with your reaction that Poole’s (and Iggy’s) ability to not be defensive liabilities will allow them to be stars; the team’s defense will create the opportunity for somebody to go get winning buckets every game, and those two are the bucket-getters.


Thanks… Still getting comfortable w/ format, but I think we are getting there (hopefully). Glad you guys enjoy listening!

As far as peaking, I could see that case made either way. Michigan was playing well enough to win the whole thing in November, whether they peak or not probably depends if they reach that level again.

Good point… I remembered MSU raising a banner early, but forgot that they could have still shared.

You’re partner seems to throw you a curveball to start every show, and seems to get a big kick out of it. That’s always enjoyable to hear. Brendan is not a scripted guy.

Our goal is just to start every episode as awkwardly as possible. :rofl:


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If it comes down to 8 B1G teams in the tourney and one on the bubble, I think that already having 8 in could work against the 9th team making it (especially if they are competing with a team from a league with only 2 or 3 teams in).
I think Happ could have a hard time winning POY if Wisconsin doesn’t finish 3rd or higher, and that is not a lock. I could see them finishing 5th or 6th (like many other teams).

Going off of your Jordan Poole take in the hot takes section, mine is that, based entirely on the eye test with no statistical backing, Jordan Poole has been on the same level as Nik Stauskas as an all-around three-point shooter so far this year. Are there any synergy numbers regarding ppp from the various types of shots to back this up or shoot it down?


Appears to me Poole, Brazdeikis, and Matthews will be gone after this season. Beilein’s law of attrition at work here. Which makes next year a real rebuilding season, although the affect of the loss of Wagner, Robinson, Rahkman has been minimal. MSU on the other hand will probably lose very little in terms of personnel.

Why are so many clamoring for Johns and nothing is said of Castleton? In their limited appearance Castleton has looked better imo

Colin Castleton is 6’11" 210 lbs, seems rather clear why.


I think Poole has a ways to go before leaving. It’s certainly possible, but if he has a 2nd round grade at season’s end, I think he returns for a Big Ten Player of the Year type season to push him toward a mid first round grade

Not so clear for me as far as backup 5. Castleton might be a better option now. Certainly next season I feel this to be so

He’s 210 lbs. The Big 10 schedule will eat him alive.

Marcus Bingham is getting minutes for MSU with a similar build. Both are in need of muscle and conditioning. Castleton has to earn his way on the floor, but any minutes he gets against real competition this year will pay dividends next year.

Might be a moot point if Johns Jr. comes on like we all hope but I see the same thing re: Castleton. Those arms go forever. I get the size thing but the kid seems to make an impact whenever he’s out there in ways Austin could never hope to.

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Marcus Bingham has only played in garbage time all year.

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You may be right, but I thought I have seen him appear for a minute or two mid-game, not just in the last minute or two of blowouts.

Bingham has played more than Johns, around 5 minutes a game.