The Moving Screen: Previewing Michigan/Villanova


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Just re-watched the national title game again… don’t suggest doing so. I thought in the second half, Villanova proved they were the better team, but the first was a different story, in my opinion. Michigan got a ton of good, open looks but missed them. We also gave up far too many second chance opportunities. I thought the refs were poor in the first half, though. Called it ticky-tack one way but not the other. Brunson and Divincezo were really good at the “Melo Trimble” – throwing their head or body back to get calls. Duncan’s two fouls in the first half really hampered the team. Livers did nothing in that game. Refs also missed a clear goaltend on an X layup that would have made it a 4 pt game with under a minute left going into the half. Nova ended up scoring twice and it was a totally different game going into the second half. Divincezo really was amazing though and carried them especially through the first half, when I thought Michigan was the better squad.

Your first sentence cracked me up. (And thank you for saving me from doing so.) I remember watching the game live and leaving it with the thought that U-M ultimately lost to a better team, but your points are all well made.

Anyone have any thoughts on Nova opening at -7 tomrw, with the O/U set at 139? I am leaning 'Nova -7. Michigan is obviously struggling on offense and has not played well the last 3-4 seasons during early road tests.

I’m going Under 139

I take Nova -7 and run. This offense is not ready to stack up with a top end team on the road.

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That’s what happens when you put a game of this magnitude in a 6500 seat arena.

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Weird take from Quinn – right after it’s brought up that Poole made pretty much the same number of 2s and 3s last year he says he doesn’t recall Poole hitting a 2?

Looks like Nova has really been crashing the glass the first couple games. If we can defensive rebound, and maybe get some of their new playmakers to cough the ball up, we could get some much needed transition buckets.

Hopefully we see a little less trying to figure things out and more assertiveness this game.

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I think it will go under as well. The championship had 67 possessions, which should be a good baseline for this game. If you like ‘Nova by 10-13 like I do, I think theyll score a little over 1 PPP and Michigan a bit below it. Maybe something like 73-60.

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Not sure where to put this, but what happened to Z’s muscles? I thought he was overweight his freshman year, the perfect weight last year, and now he’s too skinny. His strength was a big part of his game last year - admittedly I was watching btn plus on my laptop at 720 - but his arms look noticeably thinner. This seems like a problem, no?

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So, I just saw a clip of the end of the OK State/Charlotte game that Dylan mentioned in the podcast… holy ****. That may be the worst call I have ever seen in college. Under what definition was that ruled a flagrant?

Edit: sorry, here’s the link

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