The Moving Screen: Fielding your questions on U-M, MSU and the Big Ten

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I enjoyed the question about who would you choose when fielding a team composed of both UM and MSU players. I know you guys were split on Langford vs Poole, I always thought of Langford as more of the 3 (just because he is listed a little taller) and Mcquaid at the 2. I think that changes the conversation a bit making it Matthews vs Langford and Poole vs Mcquaid and I think in that case I would take both Wolverines.

This was featured in this week’s Podcast.

Top 5 UM dunkers in my era:

  1. Joel Thompson
  2. Brett Petway
  3. Jimmy King
  4. Glenn Robinson
  5. Bernard Robinson

Adding Sparty.

  1. Greg Kelser
  2. Jason RIchardson
  3. Matt Steigenga
  4. Miles Bridges
  5. Jumping Johnny Green (Caveat, I never saw him at MSU, but I did in the NBA. He possibly should be rated higher)
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Thompson was before my time, but man it was fun to show up to Crisler an hour early to watch Petway put on a show for the fans.

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My favorite in-game dunker was Webber. Great hands and really put it to people in traffic.

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CWebb was a different style. Average leaper, but had those great hands and control. I like the high flyers.!!! To each his own.

Joel Thompson! If only…

Some people forget that dunking was outlawed in college basketball from 1967 to 1976.

The ban was attributed to the dominance of (the then known as) Lew Alcinder, and came to be known as the "Lew Alcinder Rule. Hard to imagine banning dunking in this day and age, isn’t it?

It certainly would have been a treat to see Joel Thompson dunk in this day and age!

The 1st year of dunking being re-instated was 1976-7 which was my freshman year at UM. Those alley oops from Ricky Green to Joel would blow the roof off of Crisler. Those were the days.

UM had the best team in the Country that year. Beat the NCAA champs, Marquette in the last game of the regular season in Crisler. I still don’t understand how UNC-Charlotte beat Michigan in the elite 8 that year.

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Average leaper? Come on. Maybe when he was 30. He was an above average leaper and quicker than anyone off the floor.

Stating the obvious: Cornbread Maxwell. UNC Charlotte has the best player on the floor. Still I’m with you, didn’t expect M to lose that game

Beat me to it!

Webber was an outstanding leaper. He had an incredible ability to throw it down after getting rebounds/loose balls underneath, which was owed to how explosive he was even while standing still.

And then there was that 360 dunk in Columbus…

I saw Webber jump over a 6’5" guy in high school to dunk it. Imagine the classic Jordan dunk with legs spread apart but with a guy underneath. Granted Webber was 4" taller than Jordan.