The Moving Screen: Early season thoughts on U-M/MSU, the inaugural power ranking

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Love your podcast.


Great pod. Definitely agree with you that Livers is the best option to guard Maye. Don’t know if Teske would make sense. Also, I am sure Brendan is regretting that Minnesota pick at #6 in the power rankings! Cringed when I heard that yesterday… don’t trust a Richard Pitino-coached squad.

Love the pod, Dylan! I’m not seeing ep 4 on Spotify this morning. Any ideas when it’ll be up?

That is weird… I’m seeing it if I google search it.

Wonder if there is some sort of caching or something going on? I’ll have to look into it.

I restarted the app after reading your reply and it’s there. Sorry for the false alarm.

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I’ve said this in the past

and I still think it’s true, but my experience with Maye has been that he’s pretty brutal and inefficient against good post defenders. I could see stubborn post up attempts for .5 ppp all game if Teske was matched up with him (AKA if Little starts over Brooks). The question is can he stick with him on the perimeter. It might’ve been talked about in the podcast, but probably no, although I could see Teske being long enough to slack off and still be able to contest shots well. Luke Maye is kinda like early Wagner in that a hand in the face often equals a backboard brick. Regardless, I just hope Roy sticks with Brooks and Manley at the 5. Neither are remotely skilled enough to do well against Teske.

Been reading your stuff for years Dylan and love it…but this feature has been a game changer for me. Look forward to it every week.

Great stuff.