The Moving Screen: Down goes Michigan, up comes Michigan State


Constructive criticism: (1) These continue to be too long. I find it hard to devote 1 hr 20 minutes to this. In fact, I skipped the final 7 minutes because I don’t have the time and I am not that interested in a discussion of the bottom dwellers. (2) Power rankings? Who needs this? It is pretty much a rundown of the current standings. If Brendan isn’t buying into Maryland, then why do you have them third? This would be the easiest way to shorten the podcast. Instead, after the UM/MSU recap, just review the other top 4-5 top teams or highlight teams that you think are trending up or down. Or you could do something different each week, like top freshman, breakout players, POY candidates, etc. one man’s opinion.

I heavily disagree. As someone who can’t devote 30 hours every week to watching every big ten game this is a quick way to receive updates on results and more importantly (AKA you can’t tell from a score app) exactly how every team is performing, what players to watch out for, who’s trending where, etc.

You seem to already have the solution:

What’s the issue with just doing this and letting the people who find it useful continue listening until the end?

I will be doing this, in fact, I skipped the entire MSU discussion today. Sorry if I offended you. I was just trying to give Dylan some feedback since he has asked for it in the past.
I couldn’t help but notice that the podcast has been up for the second day and there had been no comments.

I do think there’s probably some room to play with some of the format of the Big Ten stuff, but we also want to focus on the Big Ten at large not just Michigan. It seems like you don’t even really care for the MSU stuff and just want to hear U-M centric coverage.

Guess I need to be more clear. I would recommend 15 minutes each on UM and MSU and 15 minutes on the rest of the conference (pick your spots for best takes). That is a 45 minute podcast. It wouldn’t have to be exactly 15 minutes in each segment, obviously.
I have watched most of MSU’s games this year including against Nebraska. I have been saying for a couple of weeks that I thought they were playing better than any other Big Ten team. I think they are top 5 in the country right now. I am very interested in MSU, I just don’t need a 30 minute review of their games each week.
I do appreciate the little timeline bookmark at the bottom so that I can skip to the sections that most interest me.