The Moving Screen: A new year, a new podcast



We are embracing a growth mindset with the podcast :slight_smile: Grow with us as we improve as podcast hosts, but hopefully you guys enjoy. I know many of you had asked about a podcast… Here’s our first stab.

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I’m gonna assume I’m the first download


Subscribed! Excited about a podcast featuring my two favorite basketball beat writers


Dang! An hour twenty-five for the first episode. Y’all are sprinting out of the gate. Can’t wait to listen


Wow! Listening right now! Great stuff! Excited for you and Brendan, and for all of us who get to listen!


Damn. Michigan Hoops dream team.


I use the Overcast app on iOS. Not sure I’m able to download it. Typically either the name just shows up in the search, which it isn’t yet, or I can give it a URL from an RSS feed if you have one.


Can’t wait to listen tomorrow on my way to work! Awesome stuff


Hey @marcsumus,

I think it should show up in Overcast eventually. Looks like it grabs data from iTunes before and someone has to add it manually once with the direct feed. I did that this evening so hopefully it shows up soon.

You can also manually add it yourself with this feed url:


That worked!


This made my day!


Also I like the idea of not having guests on. I often skip the guest portion of podcasts, and frankly I don’t know who else I’d want to hear!