The Most Nik Stauskas Quote I've Seen

“My shot felt better yesterday in practice than it had felt in a while – I think I made 48 of my 50 3-pointers,” Yes Nik, you are quite a good shooter. When I am disappointed in a 5/8 3 point performance you know he’s great. I really think that he’s going to have one of those 8-10 or 7-9 type games where he scores more than 30 points (edit: At some point in his career, not necessarily soon) because he’s just too amazing to be shooting “only” 48%. In the Minnesota game he made all of his catch and shoot attempts, and if Robinson continues his progression, opponents will be forced into helping on Robinson drives leaving Stauskas open for catch and shoot opportunities, something that we saw Sunday. This is just one of the many ways that GR3 making drastic strides in his game can potentially make us a very dangerous team come NCAA tournament time.

Hopefully, our bad patch of basketball is behind us and we can get on a roll. With Nik back on track and GR111 taking off, this could be good.