The most important things Juwan Howard said before Michigan's exhibition opener


Thanks for the recap Dylan.

Coach Howard comes across as self-assured and perceptive. I really like the no wasted words concept, it’s a lot like the best players don’t use wasted motion.

Any chance I’ll be able to stream this SVSU exhibition game tomorrow? or BTN?

Amazing what you can find with two minutes of browsing. Here’s the link to stream on BTN+

10 bucks and you’ll get a month of BTN Plus.

I’ve still got mom’s Comcast credentials :rofl:

It is separate than a normal BTN sub.

That won’t get you what you want

Damn. I got 10 on it then.

As of now the Houston Baptist game is BTN+ too. In the past I’ve done BTN+ but this year I figured, what the heck and I’m driving over from GR for the two BTN+ games.


Good for you Silverblue. I hope the weather is better down there than here in TC.


TC represent!

Snowing here tonight. Nasty weather for the little Trick or Treaters, but lots of trunk or treat activities at churches that I assumed moved inside. Some of the heartier ones, and their dedicated parents, showed up at our door, and it was great to see them!

Cool and cloudy tomorrow but clear sailing, er driving, from GR to AA and back! WTKA on the radio as soon as I can get it, and again after the game as long as the signal lasts. :grinning:

EDIT: Sorry to those who came on here looking for something new on the topic of the thread. I probably should have sent bobohle a PM. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was hoping this would go away with the BTN-FOX partnership. :roll_eyes:

Hasn’t BTN-FOX been a partnership all along?

The issue is that there are so many of these exhibitions and early season games on the same day and only so many BTN broadcast crews for basketball (and they don’t seem to ever use the overflow channels that I think exist for football).

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Huh. I thought I had read something just before football season about BTN moving all of their online streaming to FOX, but I can’t find anything about it now.

I’m sure there are a lot of reasonable motivations for the way they do what they do, but strictly speaking as a consumer, the BTN+ broadcast product has always left a lot to be desired.

Oh, yeah. BTN 2 Go is just streaming through Fox Sports Go, I believe. But either way, I think the two companies have always been inherently linked (similar to ESPN and the ACC Network).

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Does anyone know if the game will air on the BTN later this weekend?

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They usually do but I don’t see it in the BTN listings on first glance.

Obviously Coach Howard has a lot to prove as a coach, but we’ve been phenomenally lucky as fans to have two incredibly stand-up coaches in a row that are extremely easy to root for.