The most important things Juwan Howard said about Zavier Simpson's suspension, Nebraska

This sounds really bad.

Based on what? Sounds like the classic coachspeak that Juwan has given the media for the last month or so.

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“We have to further look at this thing deeper and deeper and see what are we going to do moving forward”

That doesn’t sound like coachspeak to me.


That sounds 100% like coachspeak. Could be taken from Coachspeak 101.


Maybe you guys are right. I expected it to be much more like a final thing. Like it’s over, he’s serving his consequence and then we move on. I didn’t expect him to sound like they are still reviewing everything and are still deciding if there will be more consequences.

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I wonder if there’s some other process, like hopefully not a criminal investigation or something, that would impact the decision and caused Howard to be vague for now. Hopefully it’s just his typical caginess.


Yikes, that sounds bad!