The most important things John Beilein said before Ohio State at Michigan

Maybe Livers health and recovery explain his dunking problems as of late. Perhaps he should just lay them in until he is back 100%.

Line opens at UM -10. Can’t wait until OSU’s basketball team scores less points than their football team did.

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Naturally, that says more about our football team than OSU’s bb team.

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Extrapolating as Coach Beilein likes to do, if Brooks had just made 4 more of the 34 threes he’s taken, he’s be shooting 41% from three. I’ve seen at least 8 Brooks threes halfway down and pop out. He is due for a hot streak.

If I had a few different numbers on my ticket when the Mega Millions was at a billion dollars I’d be rich :slight_smile:


At first I thought the same thing, but after reading the quote again, Beilein said “He’s recovered in health”. I think he means Livers is just not back in rhythm yet. I certainly hope that’s the case because back injuries are nothing to mess around with.

I took it the same way. His game/conditioning is not back to 100%, which may explain his elevation,timing issues. Until then, just lay them in, big guy.

To me this is pay back time for our fb counter parts. Let’'s bury the Bucknuts. GO BLUE!