The most important things John Beilein said before Minnesota-Michigan

For me, it is even more than just Iggy and Charles taking open threes. The team has been passing up open looks from 3 point range in recent games. Against Wisconsin, where good open shots were hard to come by, we passed up several open 3s.
I will add that shooters need to be better prepared to catch and shoot before the defense can close on them.

While I totally understand that Beilein didn’t know the updated rule and by that rule the call was correct, that’s not really telling the whole story.

Let’s say Michigan had the ball, down 3, and was inbounding. If one of the WI players bear-hugged Simpson or Teske before the ball was inbounded so that they couldn’t get the ball and would get sent to the line - is that a flagrant? Have you EVER seen that called?

Also, MGoBlog is correct in that the refs took a long time to call the “intentional” fouls Wisconsin was doing at the end of the first half and bled seconds. Likewise, Iggy slapped Happ earlier and didn’t get the call despite Beilein making it clear that we were going to intentional foul. The inconsistent refs didn’t help the situation…even if by rule it is correct.

Yes. You have to foul the player with the ball. Why do you think that players chase the ball all over the court to apply a foul late in the game? Why do you think they never throw the ball to players who can’t shoot FTs?

I just don’t understand the controversy around this one…


JB mentioned a walk in three, what is a all in three ??

I think he just means a situation where you are open enough to catch and step into your shot.

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Matthews needs to be smarter with shot selection, early foul trouble, pivoting, careless turnovers, free throw shooting. He may have to get himself going by turning his defense into offense. Make his hustle pay dividends. Nobody is perfect but for a player who has ambitions of being in the League, he has to be better. In the games where his mistakes are minimum, the Wolverines win by blowouts.

Eli Brooks needs to develop a mentality that he is a hired gunner when coming into games, like Freshman year Zak Irvin or last year’s Poole. I wish DDJ was further along as a backup PG, because Brooks can’t really handle the ball efficiently.

Iggy doesn’t worry me as much. He just needs to stay on the grind. Had he made his layup attempt against Happ right after the half, I think he would have got going in that game. But he needs to up his game if he continues making confident and bold statements in the media.

Iggy will come back to the mean. JP is probablythe only one on the team more confident. We all hope Charles will get out of his funk sooner than later and hope he hasn’t developed bad habits. The main thing is we can not let the one loss streak become two or more like OSU and IU. That being said it WILL be a bounce back game Tuesday.