The most important things John Beilein said before Michigan-Penn State


Sorry, no video today… but experimenting with some new formats for pre-game content out of the press conferences.

Here’s part of Beilein’s presser off of YouTube

While I am a JB presser junkie, and will appreciate if those are always available in full, I LOVE what you did with breaking down certain snippets and “why it matters.” The Stevens video really added insight on things to watch for straight from the coaches mouth.

Great Stuff!!


Love the write-up and the context! Would like to see these posts with both embedded video and such written analysis.

What kind of embedded video? Do you mean the press conference, should be able to watch that in the first comment.

Wanted to chime in and say I really like this format. There is something to being able to just see/listen to all of what Beilein says, but this is likely more useful and informative. I agree that the “why it matters” section is a good way to tie quotes to numbers and other game-specific or team-specific narratives.


Penn State is going to be a pretty good team with an awful record - their next 4 games are @Michigan, Wisconsin, @Nebraska, Michigan State. They could easily end that stretch at 7-10 overall, 0-6 in the conference - and one of the top 40 teams in the country.

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Agree about this format. Never watch the pressers, but this was perfect.

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I think Coach Beilein was talking about Matthews, Teske, Brooks. Teske and Matthews didn’t shoot 13 footers with any confidence against Binghamton. Brooks needs a 3/4 or 3/3 from 3point range game. So many of his 3’s are landing inside the cylinder but coming back out. He’s close

Love this new format Dylan. I appreciate that you are always looking for ways to improve an already excellent website.


Like the new format. Have never watched the presser videos because I don’t use headphones at work. Prefer to read and get the analysis in “why it matters” too.