The most important things John Beilein said before Michigan at Iowa

Most important thing Fran McCaffery said:


Fran McCaffrey: a trusted source for analyzing defensive improvement.


This explains so much.


That must be why Iowa’s defense sucks year in and year out.

Yo Dylan,

Of course UM has won 20 games and only lost 1 so far this season, so the sample size is limited, but does any Wolverine have a statistic similar to Duncan Robinson last year that would practically guarantee a UM win?

Remember when Robinson scored 6 points, Michigan won every game last year.

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We’re 20-0 when Brazdeikis scores more than 0 points.


Great point there. Seems like a long time ago already to remember.

Would be curious to know any of any other data that answer the question.

You could literally take any stat from the Wisconsin game and use it to make up a stat like that.

Michigan has never won when Jordan Poole attempts 15 shots on a Saturday noon game, for example.

Michigan basketball is undefeated this year when not opposing conference fan favorite, Brad Davison.

lol. made my day man. Indeed :slight_smile:

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But it’s so much more fun to look at it the other way occasionally!

Fortunately we don’t have a statistically significant sample of losses.

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Regarding backup 5 minutes that don’t go to Livers; it seems the reasons to play Davis over Johns are dissipating. In what instance is Davis the better option? Even against MSU I’d rather see Johns. Johns has impressed in limited minutes with his ability to battle inside. Tonight in Iowa, I would be surprised to see Davis in before Johns, and Iowa likes to go inside, but I think Johns would be a better matchup against Garza or Cook.

I am in the same camp that Johns is a superior option to Davis. I will, however, give Davis credit with ability roll to the rim. He cant get the higher lobs like Teske can, but in the PnR he dives pretty hard and seems to not hesitate from going up strong. I would love to see Johns have a bit more of this (granted it is likely because he a greater arsenal to flare or pop out of a screen). All that being said, I would just love to see Johns be more committed to whatever action he is taking out of the ball-screen.

I think the edge that Davis has had is his understanding of both the offense and defense. That is the gap Johns needs to close to see more playing time.


Yeah, I think all one has to do is watch what Johns does on offense to realize why Austin Davis might still get minutes. It’s clearly a struggle there and he has to get told what to do before he does almost anything. Even on D in the OSU game Johns badly botched a switch, luckily one that went unnoticed by whomever had the ball on OSU.

Yeah you can really tell that Johns is constantly thinking on both ends of the court and not just playing basketball. I was hoping he would have a better grasp of the offense and defense by this point in the season so that he could play without thinking too much and allow his talent to shine. Hopefully it just clicks at some point and the lightbulb goes on because it would be huge to add one more quality rotational piece before the end of the season.


Understanding advantage true, but negated by being a step slow, and as Johns understanding increase the gulf between the two will continue to grow. I also think Beilein has little patience in year 3 of Davis committing bad fouls. There seems to be a lack of understanding when it come to positioning.

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