The most important things John Beilein said ahead of Nebraska at Michigan

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So, Beilein here is confirming in a couple of different quotes that depth is a problem. He specifically mentions the 2 and the 5 spots as positions that are affected.

Hard to disagree. Telling to see him actually discuss it.

Personally, not buying what Beilein is selling on Poole struggling because he’s tried. But don’t have a problem for sitting him for stretches when he does struggle. Problem is that the answer now is going to be to play a guy who has only made one three all year at the two. :man_shrugging:

Should be interesting.

Maybe Coach Beilein will go with two bigs to offset resting Poole :slight_smile:

Teske and Castleton together on the floor!! Maybe Davis too!!!

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I don’t see how Davis isn’t done here. He is, literally, the fifth choice at the 5 right now. Behind Teske, Johns, Castleton, and Livers as a stretch. And this is on a team that is starving for depth anywhere, with Davis having as much experience as anyone.

As mentioned a couple days ago, if Davis has a degree, it’s probably a win win, if not, he should stick around for his degree.

LOL. I don’t see Beilein playing two bigs ever. Just what JB does.

If Beilein is not being totally straightforward about Poole what, in your opinion, is really going on? Don’t tease us!

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Tim Miles can’t help himself. The “Free money. Free money” quote was gold. Gold. No pun intended

There’s no secret or anything like that. I just don’t think he’s struggling because he’s playing 37 minutes per game instead of 32. I could obviously be wrong.

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“Brog-day-cius” at 3:10 :joy: :joy:

I don’t think he’s struggling because of the minutes (I haven’t noticed any difference between his play at the beginning vs end of games), but I think JP would play better if there was a realistic threat to bench him when he’s taking early shot clock step-back 27 footers. The problem is right now he’s still by far our best option at the 2 even during games where he’s taking poor shots, so it’s hard to sacrifice a game just to teach Jordan a lesson.

Correct. There’s no ideal sub for him. I’m not convinced that DDJ, who hasn’t proven to be a shooting threat, at the two is going to be an immediate fix but maybe you catch lightning in a bottle.

I’m curious how the Z-Iggy-Charles-Isiah-Jon lineup has done. That seems like it has potential to be used more, especially in games where Jon is not in foul trouble.

Only 35 possessions with that group all season.

I continue to think that the issue of rest has gotten a little discounted. It’s a nebulous question to wrap arms around, but if we add up the increased emphasis on defense, the fact that this emphasis almost undoubtedly means less time for offense in practice, the extremely short bench. . . I don’t see it as surprising that you get fatigue. These are kids, as everyone points out–they don’t drop from exhaustion–but they may get to playing on auto-pilot at times, or lose focus, collective or individual. I’d be surprised if Beilein, who is close to his players, isn’t getting it right on this one. An opponent with a day or two of additional rest may well provide the difference down the stretch in some losses. And it may add up in different ways for different players.

I expect them to sparkle against Nebraska. And hopefully the bench gets big minutes.

I think that’s the best answer to this specific problem.

That’s the lineup with the most offensive firepower to deal with Poole out.

One of the things I’ve noticed is I don’t believe Michigan is running near as many set plays as they used too. Nearly every possesion that’s not transition of course; feels high ballscreen oriented and that’s fine, it’s what they do best with Simpson at the PG spot. However, when that initial action doesn’t yield a look, the ball sticks and someone ends up going iso…which isn’t a strength for anyone but Iggy and Charles (when Charles is being “good” Charles”

I’d like to see them run more sets personally. Stretch that defense into having to adapt to something more than just that high screen/roll/pop offense.

When’s the last time we’ve gotten a back door cut for an easy bucket with any regularity? December?


Even if you’re running an offense instead of a set you want to move the defense side to side. Anytime the ball gets stuck via slow iso or defensive force you’re going to have a tougher time scoring.