The most important things John Beilein said ahead of Michigan at Penn State


“I was thinking this morning about it. He had so many walks and charges last year. The way to stop that is to slow down, and he probably slowed down too much by trying to go up and hang in the air and avoid a charge. That’s gotten in his way a little bit.”

This seems so true and simple, but elusive to put a finger on. Glad someone on coaching staff noticed.

Saturday is best I’ve seen Matthews play in college. He was decisive, explosive, and of course on target. I think this bodes well.

I was surprised when Coach Beilein went away from Matthews for a few possessions after he missed the 3. Poole got a couple looks that didn’t go well, then back to Matthews for big buckets.

These are great. I never feel inclined to watch press conferences, but these summaries are always enlightening.