The Most Important Question About Next Year's Team

One overlooked thing about the departure of GR3, is the departure of his crowd pleasing and hype alley-oops. I know this may seem like a completely useless thread, but alley-oops are the cause of much of the noise that Crisler generates, and they can give a big momentum boost, and in last year’s case, they provided an invaluable method of scoring, with Nik often just lobbing it over the defense to GR3 who was cutting baseline. So the question is, who do you see fulfilling this role. I would predict Aubrey Dawkins, given his athleticism and high school highlight reel, but I don’t think he’ll get enough playing time to do that consistently. I would have to guess Kameron Chatman mostly because of his decent athleticism doubled with his height, which is measured at 6’8" by some recruiting services. Zak Irvin may get some too, but I’ll have to see just how much he’s changed his playing style from last year.

We’ve discussed something similar earlier this summer… Robinson’s ability to finish cuts at the rim is a big loss. Those easy offense off of drop offs, etc. (from Morgan too) will be missed. I’m not sure there’s a great candidate to be honest.

Ah, sorry if this is repetitive then, I didn’t mean to impose a useless forum post on the community.

Didn’t mean that at all! It’s a great thing to discuss… Long offseason anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah this is my first year following recruiting in depth so that’s keeping me, and hopefully a lot of us, entertained for the time being, especially with the potential of future classes.