The Michigan Recruiting Philosophy Revealed

You have to be an ESPN Insider to see it, but Mike Rothstein of WolverineNation just posted an extremely insightful article on the Michigan MBB recruiting philosophy.

After watching a prospect, each assistant rates him using an internal numbers system they refuse to disclose. Those evaluations are given to Beilein, who averages out the results to aid his decisions.

“A lot of staffs get attached to a young man because of a relationship because it is your guy and you may be the point man in his recruitment,” Jordan said. “Here, we just don’t get involved in that. It’s what’s best for Michigan.”

The reason for the “cross evals” is the search for the right fit. Alexander describes the Michigan coaches as “throwbacks” because they use scouting systems and rankings only to cross check their own numbers and evaluations. What happens when their internal rankings don’t match with external opinion?

“That’s when we really get excited,” Alexander said.

Definitely a must read.

That is very interesting indeed. And finding a guy they really like who is not highly rated is how they got guys like GRIII.

Seems to jive with a lot of what we’ve seen over the past few years. The coaches don’t go to the recruiting services, they let the recruiting services catch up to them.