The Jordan Morgan Foundation

A press release from Jordan Morgan’s new foundation

DETROIT, MI – March 16, 2015 – We are pleased to introduce the Jordan Morgan Foundation and launch its website, for all things related to the public service works of Jordan Morgan. The Jordan Morgan Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Jordan Morgan and aimed at improving the social and educational welfare of youth in the state of Michigan.
The Jordan Morgan Foundation seeks to be a catalyst in inner-city generational change. The initiatives will be centered on education, outreach, and sport. The hope is that this foundation will affect the lives of Michigan youth, similar to how Jordan was impacted at a young age.
Jordan Morgan’s mission is fueled by the values passed down from his parents and a deep love for the state of Michigan. His mother overcame poverty as a single mother with young Jordan and built a better life for him on the principal of hard work. His father adopted him at age 13 and instilled in him the values of education and integrity. It is through the lenses of this upbringing that the Jordan Morgan Foundation will offer education, support, and encouragement to today’s youth.
The Jordan Morgan Foundation will host a formal kickoff dinner and an inaugural basketball camp in the summer of 2015. Information for the events can be found at

A Personal Message From Jordan Morgan
“The more I grow into the man that God intends me to be, the more I realize that no level of success I could experience in any professional arena would be of any significance without utilizing the blessings I have been afforded to positively impact the lives of those around me. My life to this date has been defined by both adversity and triumph. My hope is that I can begin to use my story, platform, and resources to establish a positive presence in my community. It is our job to encourage the generations after us to reach farther than we could have even imagined.”

About Jordan Morgan
Jordan Morgan is a current Pallacanestro Virtus Roma professional basketball player and former two-time Big Ten Champion at the University of Michigan. He is from Detroit, MI and attended the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy (2009). Jordan was named to the Big Ten All-Defensive Team during his collegiate career. He helped Michigan to appearances in 4 NCAA tournaments, 2 Elite Eights, and 1 Championship. He played in the most games and tied the record for the most wins in Michigan basketball history. Off the court, Jordan was named to the 2014 Allstate Good Works Team and 2014 Michigan Daily Student of the Year. Jordan earned a B.S.E. degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering and a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering during his collegiate playing career.

JMo is a true Michigan man. He is the definition of what is right, what is beautiful in college sports today. We may not be Duke or Kentucky, but we have kids like this with true values and that care about their university and program.
It’s even more special for me given that he was in my department in IOE and that I crossed him around the halls a few times. Based on my friends who had him in their classes, he is a very smart and devoted student, who gets analytics. He worked hard on and off the court, went to class, build a career on and off the court, and left with a bright future that would make Michigan proud. Can’t say that about many people in those top basketball programs.

Jordan Morgan is an incredible human being. So proud of him.